Yury Lutsenko: "To spit that will tell about us tomorrow"

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Yury Lutsenko ordered to subordinates not to pay attention to policy

On Friday the Ministry of Internal Affairs expanded board with participation of the first vice-a premiere of Oleksandr Turchynov and the People's Deputies, devoted to results of work of department in 2008 took place. On part of meeting open for the press the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko acquainted the press with some statistical data of activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That occurred on the closed part of board, the correspondent of Kommersant KONSTANTIN USOV found out.

The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, regional and head departments, chiefs of structural divisions of central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the People's Deputies specializing on law-enforcement subject, gathered in the Big hall of board at 9.30. The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko and the first vice-the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov appeared in a hall at 10.00. Having greeted with present, mister Lutsenko reported the plan of work of board in which the ambassador of an opening speech of the minister journalists were offered to leave a hall.
Yury Lutsenko gave some indicators of work of militia in the performance in 2008. "For last year we solved 26,6 thousand crimes and kept life to 1114 Ukrainians. However, has to recognize that actions of employees of militia aren't always adequate to expectations of our citizens. How to resolve these issues - we will discuss behind closed doors", - the Interior Minister told.

After that journalists left a hall, however the correspondent of Kommersant managed to learn that occurred behind closed doors.

The management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was addressed by the first vice-the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov. He specified that is the Doctor of Economics, and started informing present on history of formation of the American dollar and the Federal Reserve System of the USA. "The following stage of world crisis - final fracture of the dollar. In the USA this problem also predict. The approaching chaos can't be stopped without the strong power. And a core of this power in all countries is the Ministry of Internal Affairs", - mister Turchynov reported.
The hall listened to these words in death silence."The desire to solve them in the illegal way will be the first reaction of a certain part of the population to serious problems. And here at this stage we have to put a barrier, - Oleksandr Turchynov continued. - Using that in a hall there are no none of strangers, with all responsibility I declare to you: we are in conditions of the approaching tragedy, in the conditions of military operations. You the first who has to understand it".

- We really enter a special mode of life of the country. First of all from - for economy, in the second - from - for coming nearer elections, - Yury Lutsenko supported mister of Turchynov. - We have to act under the law and overcome in ourselves fear of political charges. Therefore the decree number one - to forget about policy. To spit that will tell about us tomorrow! To work under the law and to be afraid of nothing!

After that Yury Lutsenko turned to "a question #2" which, according to him, establishing order in judicial system is. "The next year, dear chiefs, - year of civil safety and war with vessels. Also will suffice me to say that judges can do everything. The militia too can do everything. I know a set of examples when judges to spite use against us the status. But поиспользуют month, walking on foot or having paid some penalties of GAI, also will cease. Except us, there is nobody to put them in a lawful stall", - the Interior Minister told. Here mister Lutsenko remembered penalties to breakers of rules of traffic. "There are cars by which already 5 thousand UAH hangs, and they quietly go. Especially in small towns where all know each other. You find ways to take away our money. Too close to the foul, but do. There our salaries", - were declared by him.
After that Yury Lutsenko together with the first vice-the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov carried out a short briefing for the journalists expecting it in the hall of the building of the ministry. Communication with mass media proceeded minutes ten then mister Turchynov left, and mister Lutsenko returned to a hall.

Members of board passed to discussion of internal problems of the ministry. - That at us this year with finance, Petrovich (Vladimir Petrovich Homenko, the deputy minister. - Ъ) ? - at once Yury Lutsenko asked.

- In a certain degree providing with radio stations will improve, - began the report the deputy minister.

- Not in a certain measure, and completely. Each patrol has to be provided with normal radio station. Not stirred up, not antediluvian, but normal. Total - 4500 radio stations that were bought, - the Interior Minister interrupted him.

- Yes, we on these purposes have 8 million UAH, - Vladimir Homenko rapped out. - Between us has to tell that implementation of our budget without specialfund will make at most 60%,-mister Lutsenko addressed to chiefs of regional governments. - The customs everything fails to hell. In this situation we have to be morally ready to that the salary can be detained.

The minister also noted that in 2009 at militia won't appear neither new cars, nor new housing, a new form, and gasoline should be bought at the expense of specialfund. "We from the center will do everything possible, and you work for myself", - Yury Lutsenko told. He also reported that in the budget of department 37 million UAH on construction of the migratory centers are put. "These expenses were assumed by the European Union. We will try to throw this money for capital construction. To build housing it won't turn out therefore we will let on insulators of the Crimea. There a real crash", - mister Lutsenko explained. Thus the Interior Minister why - that remembered the report of the representative of BP on human rights of Nina Karpacheva of rather Nikopol insulator (The Dnepropetrovsk area)." There is no water, light, linen, but there is a fungus and the Soviet lattices. It is no good, men. Crisis by crisis, but people live. Where there is a possibility of renovation, try", - Yury Lutsenko finished the performance.


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