In Simferopol spouses drowned the "excess" child

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The unprecedented case a few days ago occurred in Simferopol. A certain married couple of simferopolets drowned in a bathroom of the newborn child.

From informal sources "1K" of steel some details of this crime are known. Spouses, each of which slightly more than 30 years, already have two children, 7 and 11 years. There live spouses in the rented apartment. The husband allegedly works as the storekeeper, the wife - the housewife so in means the family is quite constrained. When the young woman once again became pregnant, spouses agreed to destroy the child right after the birth. The woman hid pregnancy, saying to neighbors that grew plump from - for diseases.

For families of the spouse "were prepared" thoroughly. When at the wife fights began, the husband seated her in the bathtub filled with water. Childbirth took place normally then the spouse cut an umbilical cord, transferred the wife to a bed and began to bring it round. They intentionally left the child in water that the newborn choked. After that the corpse of the child was some more days in the apartment. Then the husband put a dead little body in a plastic bag, brought to vicinities of Foton plant and dug on the bank of a small reservoir.

However among neighbors hearings about the mysterious termination of pregnancy of the young woman spread. Militiamen were engaged in clarification of circumstances. Spouses detained.

That the stated facts as a whole are true and investigative events for this business are now held, "1K" confirmed in the management of city militia.

It isn't excluded that it not the first child who was drowned by the husband and the wife. According to the neighbors, two years ago the suspected woman was pregnant, but her pregnancy too mysteriously "disappeared".


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