The committee of rescue of ChSZ already tries "to rescue" people who remained without salary and pension

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Thousands of shipbuilders of GAHK "ChSZ" sit without the lawful salary, and at this time the Committee of rescue of ChSZ tries to establish who is the present owner of plant. Approximately it is so possible to generalize about what it was told during today's a press - conference which heads of Committee of rescue of ChSZ gave.

In the second half took place years the next appeals to the Prosecutor General's Office concerning a situation on ChSZ - "on the facts of non-execution of laws" were written. The people who have been illegally dismissed from the related (affiliated) enterprises of the Black Sea plant in number of two and a half thousand people, didn't receive so far lawfully earned settlement money. Total amount of a debt (if to consider that red tape lasts since 2005) makes more than 10 million. And all appeals to Prosecutor General's and regional Office come to an end formal replies. The chairman of Committee, the deputy of regional council Igor Ovdiyenko spoke about it.

- In this list (debt on a salary - a bus) exists the Meridian enterprise which works today, and there people are. And small enterprises: "Chernomormebel", "Chernomor - Hera" - they are nominally liquidated, and now (obviously, with the permission of the power), this sum from regional статучёта is excluded. And when the regional administration reports about debt on a salary, the sum of 10 million hryvnias where - that disappears. It turns out that in Nikolaev there is no this debt … The prosecutor's office as it is direct violation of laws shouldn't agree with it.

The g - Ovdiyenko's N quoted words of the chairman of the constant deputy commission of regional council concerning the industry and energy drinks Vladimir Fuchs: "Polishchuk (the deputy prosecutor - a bus) told me that all questions on the Black Sea plant in general are closed by prosecutor's office".

The debt on a salary to earlier dismissed people remains enormous, though answers (in an oral form) arrive from different officials that these enterprises already aren't present therefore also the debt is liquidated.

The second problem - debt to the Pension fund, which sum also remains unclear. According to Ovdiyenko, this debt sometimes consider according to the sizes of the current salary (it is one figure), and sometimes - taking into account a delay of mutual settlements of last years. The figure "walks" from 30 million hryvnias to 16 million

- There are natural persons who receive less the pension. And it is directly penal action.

The third problem - the "phantom" owner. There are different interpretation of the one who all - is the owner of the Black Sea plant. Two judicial claims about the property right to ChSZ take place. Owners of 90% of actions there are Churkina's brothers.

- Now suddenly the State property fund transfers the ownership and the right of acquisition of these actions to the Kherson plant behind which there is Novinsky. And the Kherson plant, allegedly, these stocks "I assumed", - was continued by the chairman of Committee of rescue. - However, with all obligations under the investment contract which were for Churkinymi. But nobody fulfills obligations. Without saying to what if Churkina the property rights, then where that legally processed document by which deprivation of their this right is confirmed are deprived? If such document isn't present on the basis of what there were new owners? Who, eventually, owner of plant?

FGI statement took also place: because the investment contract isn't executed by the investor, the plant has to return to state ownership.

Courts are appointed and transferred. The court was appointed to December 27 - it is also transferred because the Black Sea plant submitted the appeal in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

- The state withdrew from management of the Black Sea plant which in this situation has to become state. New owners have no the legal rights, bear legal responsibility. The plant is, actually, stopped … All people are removed from orders. Any order isn't carried out. And all with it are reconciled. I mean - the government, - Igor Ovdiyenko complained.

If to speak about people who remained without salary and without pension even if the situation at plant is stabilized (that in itself will be already similar to a miracle), to them this "difference" (the underpaid pension), certainly, nobody compensates …


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