In Nikolayevshchina the vice-chairman of one of regional councils employed "the bum - the shahid" to undermine the objectionable businessman

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On January 25 in пгт Bereznegovatoye of the Nikolaev area near one of houses down the street 1-guo Mai thundered powerful explosion. As a result of this incident the Field — Chevrolet car belonging to one of business owners was damaged, and also one person - certain 39 - the summer jobless citizen without permanent residence suffered.

As a result of explosion the victim got numerous burns, wounds of a trunk, an abdominal cavity and the top extremities - to it tore off a brush of one of hands.

Such loud as in direct, and figuratively this word, incident couldn't remain unnoticed by the staff of the Bereznegovatsky District Department of Internal Affairs of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

The victim gave explanations to an event reluctantly. According to him, it found an unclear subject which blew up at it in hands on the street. The description of this subject was very indistinct.

It would seem, this incident - accident. You never know the person without a certain residence could find, after all Great Patriotic War "echoes" in the territory of the Nikolaev area find almost an every day.

But something in the story of the victim caused suspicion and therefore the decision to understand was made in police officers that actually became a cause of explosion in пгт to Bereznegovatoye.

Staff of management on fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area was engaged in investigation of this incident.

Having left on a scene together with experts - bomb experts, they established that the blown-up subject had no relation to the Great Patriotic War.

After survey of a place of explosion the preliminary conclusion was drawn that, most likely, the improvised explosive device of the directed action exploded.

Assumptions of experts were confirmed in some days when the injured BUM sharply replaced the indications and started telling how everything was actually.

According to 39 - the summer victim, on January 23 he with own hand made the explosive device which was put in action by means of remote control. It had to "mine" the Field — Chevrolet car which belonged to one of business owners. At the time of installation of this explosive device explosion also sounded.

In a course investigation of incident became clear that 39 - the summer BUM was the performer of cancelled attempt at the business owner.

To contact "customer" it was difficult, but nevertheless the staff of the Organized Crime Control Department managed to make it.

The person appeared the customer respected in пгт Bereznegovatoye - the vice-chairman Bereznegovatskoy regional are gladV. Shevchuk.

Reference:V. N. Shevchuk, 1956 year of birth. The participant of operations in Afghanistan. Chairman of the board of veterans of the Bereznegovatsky area. In due time I headed the SDPU(O) regional organization. Since 2006 the deputy Bereznegovatskoy of the regional we are glad - I passed according to NETAK block lists. According to available information, I became the vice-chairman Bereznegovatska райрады thanks to support of Party of Regions.

According to sources in Bereznegovatsky RGA, atV. Shevchukalready long time because of the property relations there were conflicts to the businessman which car it was planned "to mine".

On Friday, January 13,V. Shevchukit was detained. The detention was carried out by field investigators of management on fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area with involvement of fighters of special forces "Falcon".

At present the prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area brought criminal case according to the Art. of 115 h. 2 UK Ukraine ("Premeditated murder" - attempt at the murder committed to order, on preliminary arrangement of a group of persons) which prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment from 10-and to 15-and years or a life imprisonment.


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