Faina crew: Pirates didn't know about freight onboard a vessel

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Russian Victor Nikolsky fulfilling duties of the captain of the Ukrainian Faina bulk carrier considers that the pirates who have taken a vessel didn't imagine, what freight delivers a vessel.

It expressed such opinion on air of Echo of Petersburg radio station, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

"Apparently, they didn't know that for a vessel. Opinions wander that at Faina guided that Faina waited. If pirates knew Hо about character of freight, hardly they used such strong weapon as JATGL (jet anti-tank grenade launcher)", - was told by Nikolsky at capture.

He told how before the capture I noticed two boats coming nearer to a vessel, and maneuver tried to leave from them.

"They two times shot from RPG, one shot was unsuccessful, and the second got to nasal part of a vessel. We had about 10 thousand boxes with shells. And if it everything detonated, hardly we here would sit", - the seaman told.

According to him, pirates locked 18 people of crew in 14 - the meter room, and it with the senior of assistants placed on the bridge.

"The first days I communicated in Russian with the shipowner, he promised that in 3-4 days everything will be solved, and we will go further. In a week pirates asked why in documents the unloading port Mombasa while freight is intended to Sudan is specified. Anybody at all didn't know who the owner of freight", - I told Nikolsky.

The acting captain reported and that the team planned revolt. However from - for lack of the weapon and impossibility to coordinate actions of all crew, on revolt didn't decide.

By words Nikolskogo, to the captain who has lost onboard of a vessel Vladimir Kolobkov it became bad with health in three days prior to capture.

"To the 28th I gave feasible medical help to Kolobkov, it had a hypertensive crisis. On the eve of capture pressure at it was stabilized, but the trace from piracy attack wasn't in vain", - the seaman told.

The Ukrainian vessel Faina was captured by the Somali pirates on September 25, 2008 in neutral waters close to Kenya. The vessel followed under the flag of Belize to Kenya and transported military equipment - about 30 tanks T-72, spare parts to armored machinery.

Hа to a board of the vessel Faina was 21 crew members:17 from them - citizens of Ukraine, three citizens of Russia and one citizen of Latvia. The captain of a vessel, the citizen of Russia Vladimir Kolobkov died soon after vessel capture.

On February 4 the Israeli owner of Faina paid 3,2 million dollars for vessel release. On February 5 in the evening the last group of pirates left Faina board. On February 13 the Ukrainian seamen a special flight returned home.


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