Operation "moving to canes" or V. Bezdolny's opaque schemes

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"The state enterprise - the enterprise, which fixed assets are in state ownership, and heads are appointed or employed under the contract by government bodies. The means earned by such enterprise is not personal profit of the hired director, and means which can be carried to "income" of all state". This definition is known by heart by each first-year student of economics department of any higher educational institution. But, seemingly, the former director of the state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" isn't familiar with such conceptVictor Bezdolny.

Recently in various mass media there was a lot of information of various character on "talents" of this "dear" person where it is told about his "achievements" on a post of the head of GP "The Delta — the Pilot". All facts described in these materials deserve close attention from outside not only the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's offices, but also from those intelligence services which are responsible for ensuring national security of Ukraine.

So, in one of articles about ex-the head of this GP it was spoken: "The person lives affairs human. The state, respectively, - affairs state. Sometimes the state chooses from the citizens of the person to charge it business of the state importance. At this moment the hidden qualities of the electee also are shown. If in it the thief is concealed, it will get out surely sooner or later outside. And if it, besides, the hidden public enemy not to pass consequences. Big business as the litmus piece of paper, will reveal the human defects which were concealed till a time". These lines for all 100% are applicable to the characteristic of the former head of GP "Delta Pilot" Victor Bezdolnomo who, according to some high-ranking officials in the transport and communication Ministry, "sleeps and sees" the return to a position of the director of this enterprise.And why also isn't present? After all if to look at economic activity of GP "Delta Pilot" in 2007, even an unaided look it is possible to see that Victor Bezdolny not "worked" for the state interests, and for interests own and interests of all the relatives.

To me the inspection statement of CREWE fell into hands, having looked on which at once it becomes clear that all actionsV. Bezdolnyin 2007 not simply doubtful, but obviously criminal as they pursued one aim - theft of public funds from the enterprise budget.

Many in Nikolaev remember, howVictor Vladimirovich Bezdolnyin 2007 I transported the central offices of the state enterprise which were located in the center of Nikolaev, to the village Estuaries of the Nikolaev area. Such movement of staff of the state enterprise out of limits of the regional center which many christened "moving to canes", as well as possible gives the chance to understand where means "the Delta - the Pilot" left at the time of V. Bezdolny's board. Also it adds one more stroke to a portrait "the honored person" - it becomes clear of whose exactly welfare, first of all, I cared ex-the director.

Having held for the second time a position of the director of the most powerful enterprise, Victor Vladimirovich didn't begin to waste time in vain. Still … At that moment it was visited probably by thoughts that the third chance won't be and if now not to provide the comfortable existence, then it is necessary to be sorry about it. And who would think differently? ! ?

Having opportunity to direct financial streams of the enterprise in necessary, it is natural taking into account the interests, the course, Bezdolny thought out all new and new schemes by means of which as then it seemed to it, it is possible imperceptibly "to snatch the".

As of the end of 2006 of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" owned two office office buildings in the center of Nikolaev. The key phrase here - "in the downtown". One office was located down the street Lyagina, 27, and the second - down the street Lyagina, 4. In addition, in property of GP I was also Yachts - club in the Ship area which included administratively - the industrial building with a total area of 792 sq.m and the Shed - of 450 sq.m. To crown it all, this object is located near water, has the moorings, separate entrance and a place for garages. The problem was that this all economy demanded reconstruction.

Proceeding from it, in the head of Century.Bezdolnogo was born "ingenious" idea - under the pretext of search of additional resources for reconstruction of Yachts - club to perform some simple operations.

So, it makes the decision on office sale "the Delta - the Pilot" in the downtown, namely buildings on Lyagin, 4, and moving of office to the rented room. Perhaps, this idea also was correct, if not one "but". That place where the collective working at office for Lyagin had to move, 4, has to service of former office manages to the enterprise much cheaper, than. In our case "the enormous economy" means was counted very carefully … And here with benefit for whom, you will understand later.

In the technician - an economic justification of expediency of sale of office in the downtown and moving to page. Estuaries, besides opportunity to accumulate funds on reconstruction administratively - the industrial building in Yachts - club, one more reason appeared also.

The matter is that the analysis of quality of workplaces during which it was established was carried out: workplaces at office on Lyagin, 4 don't conform to requirements of technical safety and norms of work. "Regarding an arrangement of rooms for work with video terminals elektronno - computers in cellars and first floors is inadmissible according to requirements of Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 10.12.1998", - it was spoken in the technician - an economic justification of expediency of sale of office and moving. Yes, the reason very weighty - after all it is impossible to endow health of labor collective!

The idea of moving on a new place was supported also by trade-union committee of the enterprise which was completely controlledV. Bezdolnym. It is possible to assume that the management of this labor union was in a share and applied for part of the means "saved" after moving. But enterprise labor union - a subject separate.

That "discrepancy of workplaces" - the formal reason for moving, became clear only after V. Bezdolny's dismissal. In March, 2008 Nikolaev regional sanitarno - the epidemiological station gave explanations that actually sanitarno - hygienic requirements about which there was a speech in 2007, aren't applied to workplaces with visual display terminals on the basis of liquid crystals.There is a logical question - as Victor Vladimirovich achieved what there was the previous document SES? Most likely, officials will be able to answer it Nikolaev regional sanitarno - epidemiological station only...

In what way the former director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" decided "to save" enterprise assets? Scheme very simple: to sell office in the downtown and to receive for it the nemaluy sum; to rent the building in which to place employees being to on Lyagin, 4, and to carry out reconstruction of rooms of Yachts - club where in a consequence it was planned to translate some services of the enterprise. But as permission to sale of the room to Lyagin, 4 Ministry of Transport didn't give, it was necessary to lease it simply. By the way, where there were funds from rent of this room still it is authentically not known.

But we will return to our "economy" which began right after the birth of such master plan.

The auction on purchase of services in granting in rent of rooms was declared. Initially expected cost of purchase was determined in a size785 thousand UAHOnly one firm JSC Adamas-service which tender offers exceeded the expected cost of purchase more than three times participated in this auction. However the auction didn't take place. But V. Bezdolny wasn't going to give up, and less than in a month the second tender for which were prepared more carefully was held: the expected cost of services of rentincreased to 2 million UAH, and for JSC Adamas-service found "competitor" - a certain state of emergency "Rudomanova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna".

In spite of the fact that documentation which was provided by both participants of competition, at all didn't correspond to tender conditions, the auction nevertheless was held. Naturally, JSC Adamas-service became the winner of the tender. On V. Bezdolny's idea of other outcome simply also shouldn't have been. All performance with tender purchase in our case was carried out for procedure observance. The winner of competition was defined in advance as even the expected cost of purchase "adjusted" to necessary figure, and state of emergency "Rudomanova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna" was obvious false firm on which V. Bezdolny's relatives had a direct bearing.

One of the main requirements of tender documentation according to which competition was held, was that the real estate which is leased, has to be in property of the lessor, and in addition it is necessary to provide still tender providing in the form of the bank guarantee for the sum100 thousand UAH.

Bidders didn't have all this.

"Rudomanova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna" instead of the bank guarantee provided to state of emergency the contract of guarantee. As the guarantor certain JSC Chas Druku among which founders appearsactedNatalya Bezdolnaya - the daughter of our hero.

As for firm - the winner of the tender, the object provided in rent - the building in the village Estuaries - at all didn't belong to JSC Adamas-service. According to documents BTI, the object in the village Estuaries was in property of JSC AVK-Invest and was leased by JSC Adamas-service. As well as the first contestant, at JSC Adamas-service also had no bank guarantee. There was only a contract of guarantee from JSC Sudokhodno-buksirnaya kompaniya RIF. It should be noted that relationship between three mentioned open companies very interesting, but it is a subject not our conversation. I will tell only one: these firms among themselves are very closely connected (for example, JSC AVK-Invest is the founder of JSC Sudokhodno-buksirnaya kompaniya RIF) and in all three open companies - either in founders, or in directors - one surname - Karpenko appears. Considering that one of daughters of Century. Bezdolnogo is married to a certain Andrey Karpenko who worked in due time at GP "The Delta — the Pilot", and this Andrey's father - Valery Karpenko - is one of founders of JSC AVK-Invest, it becomes clear that to such itself "family contract" here worked.

Now it becomes clear, financial streams went to what pockets Bezdolnym.

Anyway, by hook or by crook, the tender took place. On April 16, 2007 between GP "The Delta — the Pilot" and JSC Adamas-service the contract No. 430/B-07 on a tenancy and the territory in the village Estuaries of the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area was signed.

The contract was made very interestingly and very competently.According to item 3.1 of this contract the size of a rent makes 179 thousand 520 UAH (including: for a tenancy - 170 thousand 160 UAH, territory rent - 9 thousand 360 UAH) for the first month of rent. And here the rent for each next month is defined with an index of inflation of the last month.How to you such?

Besides, under the terms of item 3.4 of the contract the cost of rent doesn't join payment of utilities and services in the maintenance of property which are paid on the basis of accounts of the lessor. It means that besides a rent the enterprise is obliged to pay bills which to it are given by the lessor. It should be noted that in the contract there is no list of services in the maintenance of property, that is those services for which it will be necessary to pay aren't specified.

And now the most interesting.

According to primary documents (accounts, delivery acts - reception of the performed works, bank statements), accounting registers on account 685 in 7 months for which GP "The Delta — the Pilot" rented the placement to the village. Estuaries, JSC Adamas-service it was listed1 million 945 thousand UAH

According to documents services in protection, cleaning, conditioning of the leased room, and also the utilities which total cost for the seven-months period of rent made nearwere provided to the enterprise400 thousand UAH(including: protection cost - 100 thousand 800 UAH, cleaning - 113 thousand 400 UAH, conditioning - 90 thousand UAH, utilities - 100 thousand 102 UAH).

On what there was this money - it isn't known. As their movement on JSC Adamas-service accounts isn't known also, after all a request of CREWE to provide necessary documents this firm ignored.

2 million UAH for such enterprise - unless are money? - you ask. And let's remember about what it was spoken earlier. Moving came true as a way of "economy of budgetary funds" and need to sell the released office. Possibly, for the purpose of economy of means also was rooms outside the city are chosen - after all there has to be cheaper.As it appeared - NO! ! !To rent the room and the territory a mudflow Estuaries in THREE (! ! ! ) than time is more expensive, than in the downtown. It appears, here where in the Nikolaev area the most expensive earth. While in the center of Nikolaev rent of 1 sq.m of the room I cost an average of 70 UAH

So, Victor Bezdolny decided to rent the room in the country and to pay211 UAH for sq.m- here to you and "economy". And add to it still that isn't unimportant, air conditioning in the village. Estuaries, also receive still big "economy". It everything thus that it was necessary to spend funds and for office services for Lyagin, 4 as permissions to its sale from the Ministry of transport and communication it wasn't received.

The comical situation which was caused "by moving to canes", developed and with delivery of people to workplaces. Specially to carry the personnel for work, the contract with a certain JSC Traffik OSK firm was signed. As well as in a case with the tender for rent of rooms, procedure of purchases doesn't maintain any criticism.

Procedure on purchase of motor transportation services (rent of cars with the driver), with the assistance of JSC Traffik OSK was begun on January 15, 2007.

According to tender conditions, the following requirements were imposed to motor transport: engine displacement - not less than 2 000 cm cubic, year of release - 2005-2006, run shouldn't exceed 20 000 km. Requirements to drivers: length of service not less than 5 years, existence of open categories "B" and "C", age of drivers - 25-45 years.

In meeting of tender committee at which the decision on JSC Traffik OSK recognition by the winner of the auction was made, 4 members of tender committee from 9 took part and voted, and the decision was made by the simple majority that is the worst violation of the law. And this with the fact that tender the offer of JSC Traffik OSK doesn't contain necessary terms of the contract and other requirements of the Customer regarding providing supporting documents about age of drivers, their length of service and existence of certificates with open categories "B" and "C".

Despite all this, on February 20, 2007 between GP "The Delta — the Pilot" and JSC Traffik OSK the contract No. 173/in-07 for total amountwas signed2 million 873 thousand 655 UAH

For 7 months 2007 cars were involved, generally only for delivery of the personnel to workplaces are about 4 hours per day, and payment was made as in 16 - 18 hour day.

As a result of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" for services of rent of motor transport paidabout 3 million UAHYes for such money it was possible to buy own vehicle fleet and still to earn on it quite good money for the enterprise! But why, if the people approached to can allow to earn on it, it is natural not to the detriment of itself, - it is probable, such thoughts visited ours "the great schemer".

Is in the operation "moving to canes" and one more important detail. Daily it was necessary to labor collective for 2 hours "is detained" in transport - so much time was necessary to reach on leased motor transport page. Estuaries.People had to spend the personal time to reach workplaces which they could carry out with the families. The position of people is clear - they simply were afraid of V. Bezdolny, after all it was possible to take off easily from work. And what labor union which now at the first opportunity cries out publicly about any actions of the present management, it is simple - напросто carrying out Bezdolny's order on sabotage of operation of its receiver? Then all were silent …

It turns out that V. Bezdolny for the sake of own enrichment and enrichment of "accomplices" endowed efficiency of work. After all after some time it is possible to see that the profit of the enterprise increased practically twice. It is known that money from air doesn't appear also in itself doesn't disappear anywhere. If such contracts are signed, it means to somebody favourably. Involuntarily you reflect, how many through similar schemes went to someone's pocket and how many that a sin to conceal, it was stolen with GP "The Delta — the Pilot" in 2007. According to the most conservative estimates, the enterprise lost in 2007 about 25 million UAH

And though law enforcement agencies announced that affairs of 2007 in which GP "The Delta — the Pilot" appears will be very loud, and the director from a letter "B" will sit down on long time in places of confinement while no motions in this direction are present. And the former director of the state enterprise from a letter "B" (that is V. Bezdolny) continues to dream of the "the third arrival" on the enterprise and to dismiss through mass media under control to various hearings - that about remaintaining the enterprise to Odessa, about disposal of towing fleet, in general about enterprise disorder … But the enterprise, despite all this, continues to work successfully, filling the budget of the Nikolaev area and the state budget!

Well, time will tell …

Natalya Homyakova


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