Accused of a number of murders and falsification of business of Alexandrov "werewolves" are released in court

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The militia lieutenant colonel Igor Krivolapov accused of falsification of business on murder of the Slavic TV reporter Igor Alexandrov and the organization of a number of murders is released today in Appellate court of the Zaporozhye area. About it "Island" was reported by the independent journalist Nina Rykova.

About an hour ago sentence announcement came to the end.

The judicial board under the chairmanship of the judge Oleg Dutov, the judge Valery Fomin and jurymen decided to release directly in a court hall from - under Igor Krivolapov's guards. Charges are dismissed from it on Karpenko and Zhemov's episodes, and the remained episode (history with the written-off office car) on punishment was correlated to already stayed term (more than 5 years).

Other militiamen - Albert Vinnichuk, Sergey Shlomin and Alexander Gerasimenko also left today home. The court considered that state charge didn't have sufficient proofs of their fault, the consequence is held with the most rough violations of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Constitution of Ukraine. Vyacheslav Apozjyants (also the person involved in history with Veredyuk) as well as above-mentioned citizens, are left on recognizance not to leave. So I solved court, in connection with the direction "Alexandrova on DS put.

Lifelong penals were got by Vladimir Boyko and Mikhail Orlov - for murders of brothers Karpenko and Zhemov. One more sidelets - Sergey Kostyuchenko got the penal of 7 years of prison (for drawing heavy injuries to the participant of "dismantlings" in Kramatorsk). Two others (Sergey Sherkovets and Yury Shevchenko) also were released in a court hall as their term of stay under guards extinguished the got penals.

After a sentence the court announced also private definition. It concerns the investigator of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander Kalifitsky. As considers court, during a pretrial investigation it practiced illegal methods of collecting proofs, pressure on accused and witnesses, manipulated public opinion (distributing interview). Besides, the g - N Kalifitsky was noted by rare impudence: giving evidences as the witness, it threatened defendants directly in a hall of judicial hearings. That is I showed demonstrative disrespect to court.

We will remind, during process on a dock 10 people, inhabitants of Donetsk region sat. Four of them - officers of militia. This group was called till today as as "Krivolapov's organized criminal group", "a gang "werewolves in shoulder straps", "an organized criminal group the Old city" and so forth

A number of very grave crimes, somehow was imputed to the accused: falsification of investigation of murder of the Slavic TV reporter Igor Alexandrov; poisoning of journalist earlier accused of murder, but then Yury Veredyuk acquitted in court and his "instructor" Igor Blagov; stealing and murder of Kramatorsk businessmen of brothers of Karpenko; stealing and murder of the Kramatorsk collector of a retro - Igor Zhemov's car; kidnapping of the Kramatorsk schoolgirl and so forth

Criminal case which was investigated by employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, consisted of tens volumes and the court investigated 2 years in Zaporozhye.

Till today court definition all episodes connected with business of Alexandrov, were removed in separate production, and on them again it is necessary to make new investigation.


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