Thieves of non grata

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According to some information, in a subsoil of power structures the technique of fight against a top of the criminal world - thieves in law ripened new, bloodless. First of all it concerns the Georgian authorities. Now them simply will deport home where they are waited by prison.

"Will suffice to be nursed! "

The thief in law Georgy Gogoladze sent recently to Georgia became "first signs".

- It is a question, first of all, of neutralization of activity of the Georgian thieves in law in the territory of Russia, - one of fighters with the organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation told the correspondent of "AN". - After all purely Russian thieves here remained too little. One on zones sit, others are in hiding, the third on "abroad" were settled almost bezvylazno. And to call them thieves already even as - that not on concepts. At someone banks, "pocket", at someone - a casino, at someone - business - structures, not to mention magnificent country houses. And if Russians of such category now there were some tens, Georgian - hundreds, if not thousands. It is difficultly to count, their quantity grows even among those who never sat. About "oranges" heard, certainly?.

"Oranges" in the criminal world call those who for big money passes thieves' "crowning", even having never visited plank beds. Reaches funny things: among the Georgian thieves already meet 17 - summer young men.

- Well and how many it is possible to be nursed with them? - asks us the vis-a-vis. - In operations involve field investigators, analysts, special troops. And result, we will tell directly, - a zilch. Well, will find at detention at such authority a bag of heroin or cartridges from the gun. Will keep in a pre-trial detention center couple of days, and powerful lawyer forces - and our detainee again on freedom engage then. And here, it seems, groped "a weak link". And this link - a dual citizenship …

"White swan" No. 7

AT number 7 in Georgia the zone where send only thieves in law now is registered. Similar experience in the USSR was in times of "Khruschev's thaw" when decided to finish an underworld top, using their concepts. In 50-е years of thieves began to take from all zones in one - known, as "A white swan".There at them "shesterok" wasn't, and thieves were gnawed through among themselves. Some hundred people then died in interstine skirmishes.

When Saakashvili came to the power in Georgia, he threatened on the sacred - first of all dispersed GAI, and then attempted upon the thieves' status. In the Criminal code of the republic there was article 223 which punishes for "membership in the thieves' world, theft in the law". Under this article of people punish imprisonment from 3 to 8 years, a penalty or without it. For theft in the law - imprisonment from 5 to 10 years and also a penalty or without it. Responsibility and for complicity to thieves in law - till 5 years of imprisonment with property confiscation is provided.

And then thieves rushed away from Georgia, in hundreds having rushed to Russia.

- Now anybody doesn't need to throw anything, - the interlocutor continues, - there is at the Georgian thieves a dual citizenship? Is! They are citizens of Georgia? Yes. Be so kind to return historical Home, there is nothing to hang around here. And there already on 223-й let local authorities deal with them. On the Georgian thieves we have an operational database. But in actions for deportation of foreign authorities to our field investigators not to do without representatives of the Federal Migration Service (FMS).

Fly, pigeons!

Together with employees of FMS field investigators of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Central federal district held an action on Gogoladze's detention (Gogh's nickname) and his "colleagues" - the thief in law Amiran Sopromadze (nickname "Sopotiya"). Under their control there were Georgian organized criminal groups which were engaged in commission of assaults, extortion at businessmen, and also burglaries.

- Using criminal communications and false documents, men received the Russian passports, - the staff of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central federal district told to the correspondent of "AN". - And further they acted already on the checked technology: "lost - replaced", and thus documents became "washed". But, having got an illegal way of the passport, leaders of criminal groups didn't manage to bypass lawful procedure of acquisition of nationality of the Russian Federation. Joint check of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and colleagues from Georgia confirmed belonging of detainees to nationality of Georgia. Until recently Gogoladze was in "The center for the maintenance of foreign citizens" No. 1 of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow. Now according to the decision of Babushkinsky district court criminal authorities have to go home.At present sent only to Gogh, and it is worth noticing that it is the first thief in law who was deported to other state after message renewal between Russia and Georgia. The following Amiran will depart, and and others will reach for them.

Representatives of FMS confirmed the participation in Gogi and Amiran's detention, but emphasized that these thieves turned out from Russia by a court decision. And in an informal conversation one of the staff of service shared with correspondents of "AN": "It is hard to say, whether the Georgian thieves in law fall under action 223-й articles of the Criminal Code automatically and them at once put on the international wanted list. But we precisely know that among the Georgian authorities there are a lot of such which in absentia got penals under this article. At desire it is possible to send simply an official request in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia: Whether "Is such - that the person the thief, whether falls under your legislation? " And all. You understand, in what nuance? The thief in law on concepts has no right to refuse the rank and when at detention it ask "the thief it or not", he is obliged to tell that the thief, differently to it the colleagues "on ears", as they say, надают, will discredit that is. Well and if confessed that the thief, - if you please on all severity 223-й articles. As far as it corresponds to human rights, us it doesn't interest. In Tajikistan in general without any article brought together all thieves in law in a heap. Also shot. Sorry, but other comments I can't give. While …"

… Gogoladze very reluctantly left borders of Russia. Before a departure it made scandal at the Domodedovo airport where publicly I called myself the victim of political repressions. And the Ministry of Internal Affairs of both states accused of corporate arrangement …

Recently to Moscow arrested the Georgian thief in law Besik Abzianidze (a nickname Romashkich). At detention from it withdrew heroin, and also counterfeit (according to militia) the migratory passport. Romashkich's father, Revaz Abzianidze (Camomile) who has died in 1994, too was thief in law.


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