Burglaries: be vigilant!

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Experts claim that from burglary nobody is insured. Alas, so-called burglaries - the eternal satellite of a civilization. They take a special place and in the history of a domestic crime. Burglaries always were and remain the most popular type of property crimes.

So, on February 16 with the statement in militia the local 1980 that the mobile phone was stolen from his apartment on Leningradskaya St. addressed. The local 1957 is detained. Next day with the statement in militia the seller of shop 1982 that in the period of time from 9-00 till 13-00 the unknown, having forced locks of a door of his apartment on Shevchenko St. addressed, stole money, jewelry and a jacket. The amount of damage made 18500 UAH on February 17 of the house of the local resident 1967 on Mendeleyev St. the unknown, having tried a key, stole money, gold products, a fur coat and a coat. Amount of damage of 65370 UAH on February 21 the unknown, having broken glass, I got into the apartment of the pensioner 1952 on Stalingrad Ave. and I stole the video equipment, jewelry and the mobile phone. And from the apartment of the business owner 1969 on Pravdy St. in the same day the camera, MT-3 players and jewelry was stolen. On February 21 with the statement in militia the local resident 1966 that from her apartment on Sadovaya St. gold jewelry is stolen addressed. The local 1967 is detained. Also with the statement in militia the local resident 1960 that from her apartment on Oktyabrsky Ave. jewelry is stolen addressed. The local 1987 is detained, reports Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of internal affairs.

Unfortunately, thefts lead not only to material losses. They also put to vast majority of victims mental injuries, for a long time depriving of feeling of safety in the apartment even morally steady person. Received after event understanding many often transfer shock more painfully, than loss of property. Be vigilant and report in militia about any unclear noise and actions of strangers.You shouldn't calm yourselves that someone except you already called or will call in militia and will report the matter.


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