In Nikolayevshchina for that that the guy refused to pay for game on billiards him hammered to death

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From numerous injuries game in billiards ended with death for the inhabitant of the May Day region of the Nikolaev area.

Sergey only returned from earnings and decided to spend time in local cafe in the evening.

Conversations at a table with friends began to bother, and Sergey decided to play billiards.

One of acquaintances - Maxim became his rival. They agreed in advance that the one who lost pays for game on billiards. More than an hour the party proceeded, in breaks players drank, yet didn't finish game. Sergey lost.

Indignant of loss, it refused to pay per lot, than strongly revolted the partner. Players exchanged curses, and then quarrel developed into a fight.

A fight lasted not for long, Sergey obviously lost to the rival physically and decided to retire, but it didn't suit his excited opponent. Already on Maxim Street caught up with Sergey and I began to beat cruelly hands, and then the lying - feet.

When the blood-stained body any more didn't give life signs, Maxim was developed and again went to the bar.

The ambulance verified Sergey's death. The man died of a beating in half an hour. During this time anybody also didn't think to give it first aid.

After such news Maxim hasty disappeared from bar. Houses it started destroying the blood-stained clothes and footwear. I destroyed everything, behind an exception why - that of one boot.

Arrived to a place it is investigative - the task force saw the blood-stained corpse of the man and trails of blood of the criminal which he left on a crime scene. Already when Maxim detained, during carrying out a search guards found the boot which has become "accomplice" of bloody massacre. reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

Maxim is arrested, his destiny will be decided by court.


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