Not Holy Fathers: priests even more often "put" for rapes

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Resonant process took place recently in the Sumy area. For one and a half years the priest of church of the village Rudnevo went to prison for corruption of minors. Similar process - not only in the country.

The father - the libertine

Unfortunately, people with certain weaknesses and bents become intermediaries between God and Christians. Therefore also criminal stories in which priests appear, becomes more increasing. And Themis even more often recognizes Holy Fathers as criminals.

Criminal case against the father Safroniya, the priest of one of churches in the Putivlsky area in Sumshchina, excited even in the winter. Against the Holy Father some teenagers whom that declined to sex testified at once. Aged from 11 till 15 years the priest solicited five children and at home, and in church. Generally it were children from dysfunctional families which at the priest found food in the house, sweets and even computer games. Some children got over to live to the kind priest, here only every night they had to pay for accommodation and food.

According to the chairman of the Village Council Sergey Kotsyuby, history about the loveful father told and in 2003 - m, and in 2005 - m years. To shocking stories didn't trust, very improbably they sounded. And who could doubt reputation of the priest? Then to the priest everything escaped punishment. But this time, when in the village again started talking about strange bents of the Holy Father, militiamen treated information seriously, and results of investigation shook. It appeared, with children the priest was engaged in "overindulgence" since 2001. Concerning it brought criminal case. However, detained the father Safroniya only when militiamen suspected - the priest is going to leave.

Now the trip to places of confinement is necessary to it. And that the most improbable is there will be already second "trip" for the father Safroniya. The first took place thirteen years ago. Then the priest was the head of children's chorus "Red carnation", and it got penal for the same seduction of minors. And in the village a gossip doesn't stop. After all villagers call the village unhappy for priests.In recent years from them the second leaves already. And the first went on the same route - to prison.

With a barrel on passersby

However, in the ranks of the Ukrainian pastors are registered not only the former prisoners. It appears, there is a place and for people with serious mental disorders. The inhabitant was convinced of it Sumy walking with the children - the son and the seven-months daughter. The son of the woman paid attention to the man in a cassock with a strange look and a red face. And further an event developed promptly. In hands the priest had a barrel with tear gas. It directed it towards children and their mother and let out a gas stream. According to the woman, most of all got to the little daughter - at the girl foam from a mouth went. Young mother at once rushed to the child to wash him water. Passersby helped to take children to hospital where they were given first aid.

The victim addressed in militia. For hooliganism concerning the priest brought criminal case. However, according to the woman, responsible for attack still quietly goes around the city. Militiamen found out - the servant Bozhy already for a long time consists on the account in psychiatric hospital. According to representatives of prosecutor's office, he explains the actions very originally - to him - it seemed that children can attack it, and it was compelled to be protected. That is interesting, in church where it serves, admitted - about an illness of the Holy Father know and even are sorry. After all he knows service well, works honestly. However, despite it, it several times punished - removed a cross. However every time when the exacerbation of its illness passed, the pastor forgave and returned arrival.

The priest raped 15 - the summer parishioner

Sexual scandal inflamed and in one of villages in the north of the Kharkov area. There accuse the priest of a local churchlet. Say, the father raped 15 - the summer parishioner directly during a confession. According to the victim, thus the priest punished it for recognition that it any more the virgin. The girl told about all to parents, those, in turn, addressed in militia. 27- the summer priest arrested on a "working" place - handcuffs put on in the temple. However investigation came to a standstill soon. The decision on business isn't made still - criminal case which excited under article 155 UK of Ukraine "The introduction in sexual relations with the person which hasn't reached a sexual maturity", consider.And, as it often happens, business that close, again excite. To find out, whether the priest is guilty or fell a victim of slander, still can't. Knowing people claim about interfaith information wars Kiev and Moscow патриархатов for arrival. However, anyway, sexual scandals over church hardly please parishioners.

Becomes obvious - in our churches many casual people. As they become pastors - that still a question. However it is unlikely the priest - the pedophile and the priest with mental disorders will strengthen authority of church. And acts them only shake belief of people. After all if God's precepts are broken by priests that to wait from their flock?

And as at them

Scandal with the American priests - pedophiles - the loudest in Rimsko's contemporary history - Catholic church - inflamed in 2002 when it became clear that thousands parishioners since 1940 were exposed to harassments. The problem came so far that for clarification of Catholic church in the USA the organization in the spirit of "department of own safety" with the characteristic name "For Responsibility of Bishops" was created. According to her head Terry Makkyernan, all - pedophiles about 14 thousand children, and number of attendants of the cult accused of dissolute actions suffered from priests, passed for five thousand people. Thus, at least every eighth priest - the Catholic from the USA - the pedophile. And in many cases of charge, alas, were confirmed. Today victims of perverts in cassocks of Catholic church already had to pay in judicial claims or following the results of extrajudicial settlements the enormous sum of compensations - more than 2,2 billion dollars. That among priests - Catholics there were so many pedophiles, according to experts, the celibacy according to which priests of Catholic church give a vow of chastity is guilty. So, practically in all other religions attendants of a cult can have wives, and among them isn't observed such splash in sexual crimes, as among Catholics - clergymen. And time so to avoid in the future of repetition of similar incidents, the celibacy should be cancelled once and for all.


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