Political youth road?.

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Sooner or later there comes the moment when the standard range of politicians in the pre-election market ceases suit voters. It would seem, the way out is simple - to choose to itself new. Whenever possible, young, successful, perspective. It is possible to choose, whether only there will be it replacement of a pricker by soap?.

Young everywhere at us it is expensive?.

It isn't so easy to get fresh young growth in the political environment as it can seem. Here it is necessary either to train young experts or to involve them from the outside within already existing forces, or sharply to change all structure in advantage "young yes early". Cardinal change of elite is almost impossible (if not to consider in a revolutionary way - "to catch and discharge/put/shoot" lyustratsionny techniques). To reach similar it wasn't possible even in 1991 when formally the situation was no place more favorably - large-scale transformations of all political system happen, to put it mildly, not every decade. It didn't happen then - it didn't turn out and after. Inflow of "perspective youth" in policy happens mainly within partial "changes of dishes" during arrival of a new portion of the mighty of this world in old offices. And, youth of shots often is conditional - before recent time political youth fell on age "there are no sixty still even" and as that political youth meant more likely novelty. But it is impossible to tell that for last years the situation didn't change at all.

Most closer Ukraine approached to change of political generations in 2004-2005 when after the new president the new team which members or didn't appear before in big-time politics came also, or appeared incidentally more and more as fighters with a mode. Many "heroes of the Maidan" safely stayed in the age range from 35 to 45. The same who was beaten out from it through the upper bound, it was written solemnly down in young by the same principle of political novelty.

After that it appeared what to get fresh young growth in the political environment not so difficult. Young shots поприходили in policy different ways.Someone was for a long time the member of the party/block which for the time being is away from the power. Someone was the participant of public organizations and revolutionary actions, and thanks to "changing of the guard" could turn the earned image capital into quite good entry conditions for political career. Someone (as scientists, cultures and other) was delegated to the power on a wave of national enthusiasm. And someone simply appeared the relative / the ideological successor/assistant and the colleague of the senior link of the freshest elite that too automatically gave to candidates for a place on a political Olympus an impulse necessary for worthy start. And only time can show as far as start was worthy, and youth - perspective.

A few years ago the public opinion assigned the mass of hopes to "youth". And, judging by fixed by opinion polls, to the general disappointment in the power came to reconsider time the hopes. But the set of claims which can be shown to the top officials, is one. And the disappointment in the concept of the general prospects of political youth - nevertheless is a little another. On change to a message "Who if not they (young, self-assured, with diplomas of prestigious higher education institutions and gromady plans for country change)? ", alas, the tired question "Well comes and than they it is better than the senior generation? ".

All new is well forgotten …

To doubt prospects of "political teenagers" present sample scandals aren't necessary even, ordinary actions (it frequent - inaction) suffice also. However, with participation "young" too there is a lot of scandalous circumstances. Three times the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko - the ardent fighter with "a kuchmovsky lawlessness" risks to be remembered by more criminal case upon a beating of a mysterious place of the capital town governor, than structural reforms of sponsored power department. The hope and support of the European values Nikolay Katerinchuk from charismatic politicians of new generation gradually turns into an attraction code-named "The leader, not able to control own fraction" (and the corruption component of a question persistently soars in air).

To disappoint voters in dreams of worthy political youth it is even not obligatory to be got involved in scandals. Sometimes it isn't enough than to differ from representatives of "old generation" (as it, for example, is peculiar to Kiyevsovet's secretary Olesya Dovgoma or to the leader of parliamentary part WELL - NANOSECOND to Vyacheslav Kirilenko);or it is possible, despite all achievements, to give the grounds to doubt the independence (the youngest speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk already managed to visit the minister and economy, and foreign affairs, and all the same it is considered the direct delegate Bankova in different branches of the power) or, having got to the power at the expense of youth and/or nezaangazhirovannost, quickly about it to forget and join a close formation of yesterday's ideological opponents (Vladislava Kaskiva or" the Civil asset of Kiev" here not the last examples "Is time").

If to judge on the Ukrainian politicians, biological the age turns into the factor influencing something approximately as well as a hair color: to elect the young deputy so pleasantly as admirer of a fair hair to behold blondes at meeting of Cabinet of Ministers. And "young, so life to the best" gradually will be able to change initially estimated deals act from the agenda.

Unfortunately, for today the Ukrainian political system as a whole doesn't differ that degree of a maturity when, staking on "perspective youth", it is really possible to count on cardinally different from existing result. Successful young politicians as it was already considered above, on the people not are on a silver platter. Them cultivate or already existing political forces (and inveterate optimists), or society (so can count on cardinal transformations taking into account present teaching staff more and more or at once there are the new parties answering to the freshest preferences of electorate, or zamaterevshy social movements are transformed to them). The second way, from the point of view of dreams of progress, more preferably, after all process goes "from below". But, as practice shows, even truly national origin doesn't guarantee youth "damage" following the results of difficult test by imperious temptations.

Counting on young politicians, voters should realize that they vote first of all for "politicians", and already then for "young". And politicians "Ukrainian" - the subjects possessing impressive talents in the sphere of loss of support from society. And therefore to hope that the new generation will be better previous only because it new - is a little naive. To change a situation to the best it is difficult. Offhand two conditions are necessary at least. It is necessary, in - the first, to bring up civil society and to lick system of civil control (and it is necessary to get used to thought of it also to the mighty of this world, and actually controlers) into shape.And, in - the second to master a technique of cultivation of political shots which are capable to bear a necessary minimum of responsibility before a power source with which, according to the Basic law, still it is considered the people. There will be no control - there will be also no opportunity to write off the shots which have lost trust. There will be no education from below - even formally interesting "iz_narodny" shots risk to fade under the influence of rules of the market. But even the best of the best can "deteriorate", and "point first" - control is in that case again necessary.

To dream of that everything at us will be good, here others will come to the power only, young and perspective, is the cozy justification of own inertness is more increasing. While the politicum is engaged in self-generation of shots, you shouldn't too count on serious changes strongly. To jump above the head, above education to young political generation it isn't simple. Yes, before successful graduates of prestigious higher education institutions who have enough diplomas of prestigious higher education institutions and громадья plans for country change, and the set of prospects now opens. But only while they will be engaged in realization of prospects personal, national the country can lose.


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