Crown of thorns of the scout: dangers and risks

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Life of the scout is exposed to risk depending on tasks which it performs, and time period when he acts. On - to a miscellaneous participants of fighting operations, fighters with terrorism and hunters behind the state secrets risk. Level of their mortality officially isn't published. Our material about the most typical dangers to which life of knights of a raincoat and a dagger is exposed.

At the end of 50-x when the author of these lines came to work to KGB, still worked veterans of pre-war years. Told heroic stories about firefights of fearless scouts. I was shaken by the story how in March, 1941 in Prague the Gestapo tried to arrest the illegal immigrant of Czechoslovak investigation Moravets. In four minutes of fight it made fifty aim shots of two nine-millimetric guns. Having devastated seven holders and having laid a heap to the people, itself it was wounded by ten bullets. I couldn't run and it was shot.

During the next educational firing practice we tried to check the fighting capacity. However, cartridges gave too little. Three ranging and 10 test. Noted time and result multiplied on five. Then scouts of average generation explained: the scout in case of an appearance failure shoots back, and the trunk is necessary to it only for self-liquidation. Remember, told, the scout has no bigger high than when someone shoots at it, but misses.

In the first months of the Second World War from - for bad preparation and lack of experience from 10 enemies of scouts thrown in the back perished on the average to 7-8 people. Except participation in diversions and raids direction finding, round-ups and ambushes of enemy counterspies were the cause. Dumped with a parachute not there where followed. And ours shot in air. Happened that at a conclusion a waterway scouts sank at a crossing or ran on protection.

Arrested were waited usually by hanging or execution. Germans executed the captured members of "A red chapel" on a guillotine. One of the first Soviet scouts Alexey Lutsky in 1920 was alive burned by Japanese in a locomotive fire chamber. Americans after war put on an electric chair.

When wars come to an end, spies seldom die a violent death. So mistakenly the inhabitant thinks. And in a peace time scouts perish. Especially with participation in military coups, interventions or army operations in "hot spots".

The scout at a wheel especially risks

The scout, operating on others territory, breaks laws of others country. It is resisted by local counterintelligence. If it doesn't manage to take imperceptible "under a cap", it becomes undesirable. It can stop unlawful reception. Will organize accidents, try to poison, apply specialpreparations. At the end of 60-x in London soon after visit of the English dentist our scout D. Byli and car accidents died. It is possible to write off any consequences for them, including heavy mutilations and death. As a result of road accidents the Soviet scouts in London (1974), in the USA (1982), in Moscow (1992, 1996 and 1999), in Baghdad (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) were lost.

Being in 70-е in London, the author twice by miracle avoided at night on the desert country highway of collision with dangerous maneuver with very skilled foreign driver. By miracle it was succeeded to come off. Though us also taught how to avoid heavy physical consequences at blow the counter car but how thus to get rid of the proofs, no recipes are present. There is the container destroying the contents by pressing of the button, but for this purpose the scout has to be in consciousness. And existence of the container - the proof testifying to belonging of his owner to investigation. And responsible disappeared from a scene. Specialagents of local counterintelligence from among stuntmen or the former participants of "Formula-1" on it the master. Witnesses, except inhabitants of nearby houses, practically aren't present. The scout who was driving with the materials received from the agent, was lucky if it remained it is live. The police will transfer him to counterintelligence. Then in case of lack of diplomatic immunity it is expected by a known lack of space which is compensated only by surplus of time.

Missing person

The most life-threatening of the employee of intelligence service is secret penetration into protected rooms. The purposes of such penetration can be the most different: stealing of documentary information, installation of equipment of acoustical and visual control, and also alarm equipment, etc. The failure of such operation is very life-threatening its participants.Colleagues told about a case when the performer in the middle of cold war didn't return from a task, having forever been gone in the foreign governmental building where penetration was made. Quickly it was possible to organize search of the missing, only having gone for building storm. But also then the guarantee isn't present. In - the first, won't approve, and in - the second, intelligence services have enough means quickly to get rid of proofs. For this purpose there are an acid and special furnaces.

Risk of the illegal immigrant

One more danger is concealed by processing of the arrested scout in prison special means. Our illegal immigrants and Rudolf Abele and Gordon Lonsdeyl were beautiful exceptions as were recognized as the Soviet Union as the scouts. And in principle the country can refuse the illegal immigrant, owing to the most different reasons. And not always it is possible to exchange it through figureheads. Having been hit in the hands of the illegal immigrant, intelligence services, as a rule, process him specialpreparations. The last use not only with the purpose to loosen tongue. Is also such which have the slowed-down killing action. During cold war the western morals about it were silent as it was a question of representatives of "empire of evil".

Abel and Lonsdeyl suddenly died in Moscow in some years after their exchange. But there were cases when right after return from business trip abroad the Soviet scouts died of suddenly developed illness. It is almost impossible to prove evil intention, but a certain gossip among young scouts it sowed. Such purposeful psychological influence of many forced to reflect concerning the plans.

The artillery beats on the

At the scout there are a lot of chances to be trapped. Also you won't list all threats of his life. Introduction in foreign intelligence services is punished with special cruelty. Deadly there can be too a shave to especially protected secrets ("The amber room", "Party money", games of politics in the highest spheres, large-scale shadow financial operations, etc.). Sometimes danger proceeds and from radical professional careerists in own environment. There are people who in the aspiration to office privileges and privileges can go for elimination of the competitor.

The one who learned to expect danger and in time to dodge from it, deserves recognition and it is considered the expert. But also the expert to be dangerous. The expert causes fire on himself. Expert always between the devil and the deep sea. Him beat personal and others'.Strangers beat because it is dangerous. The - that didn't lean out. Those who follows ways, envious persons clean a course of intrigues. Sometimes not absolutely conscientious methods. Many already acquired that it is better to be ordinary. So more quietly. And one more. I didn't meet hereditary scouts. Probably, this expression of love of parents to children. Why to a child superfluous "fraught consequences" by which fathers were influenced?


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