Fighters of "Golden eagle": To us shift others to wine

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The armed man who has taken in hostages the girl, and from - for which the Crimean militia by mistake storm took the house of innocent people, still on freedom. The criminal demands from mother of the stolen Yana money and threatens to finish with the hostage. Meanwhile, fighters of Berkut group who spent capture at home in the village Peace, claim - the consequence tries to shift all fault for a mistake to ordinary employees of special troops.

Natalya Kupriyanovich from the Crimean village Peace lives 12 days in hope. The former cohabitant of the woman accused her daughter of a rupture of their relations and, threatening with a gun, took away 23 - summer Yana in the unknown direction.

Natalya Kupriyanovich, mother of the kidnapped girl:

- He called three times. It didn't make any demands in the first two times. No, he for the second time told: "You are necessary to me, I will complete business up to the end. And then it will be visible". And the day before yesterday he called - "money is necessary to me, sell the house". It is very dangerous. This is the sick schizophrenic. Unpredictable person.

The woman shows the photo of the malefactor. But at the Search stand near the Simferopol regional department of militia it isn't present. And after all the staff of this department allegedly "tracked down" the thief and caused "Golden eagle" for storm. Already near the house of a family of Hairov militiamen assured members of spetsnaz - the criminal is armed, and it is necessary to work immediately. And when also the son of the host with shout began to run away, to "Golden eagle" didn't remain to time for thoughts.

Employee of special forces "Golden eagle":

- Police officers who there were and observed, explained to us that it went on the yard with a gun. When it began to run away, he shouted something it seems "Dump! " or "Valya! ". At that moment, considering that information that we went on two armed people and the hostage, the employee drew a conclusion that the criminal calls for punishment over the hostage or for fire on assault group.

It appeared later - stormed not those. The host and his son still in hospital.The Crimean Central board of militia yet doesn't make comments neither a course of investigation of wrong special operation, nor search of the thief and the hostage.

Fighters of Crimean "Golden eagle" are sure that all blame for wrong storm of the house in the village Peace try to lay on them. Though they acted by inquiry and under command of the Simferopol regional department of militia. And the dress on departure of assault group was signed by the deputy chief of the Crimean Central board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Employees of "Golden eagle" the third day interrogate. Fighters claim - they were mistaken not, the group of capture executed the order of regional militia.

Employee of special forces "Golden eagle":

- Responsibility for results of carrying out such operations is born by officials in which territory these operations and which organize them are performed. In this case is the Simferopol regional department. Permission to allocation of group of capture, our group of capture - as it was always, according to the instruction, - the deputy chief of GU, the militia colonel Fedoryan gave.

While members of spetsnaz hide the faces. But promise - if them force to be responsible for others mistakes, they will act with an open protest. Meanwhile mother and the brother of the stolen Yana - under protection. The militia to avoid punishment over them, allocated bodyguards.


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