Militiamen can't find week the person, whose torn-off brush was brought by a dog

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On June 10 around 18.00 on the gas station located in the area an aviagorodka (Pavel Lovetsky St., 20 B), the dog brought a hand of the person.

- We didn't believe the eyes when saw that human fingers stick out of a mouth of a dog, - the owner of gas station tells. - At once caused militia.

10-15 minutes later near gas station already there was more than ten police cars. The territory surrounded and began to examine the district adjacent to gas station. Before dark militiamen didn't find a body. The office German shepherd and hunting husky too didn't help. Next day searches of a body were continued by the staff of city and regional departments of militia, fighters of a battalion of militia - is ineffectual.

Forensic scientists came to a conclusion that a hand, on which fingers there are two tattoos (in the form of a rising sun and a ring), belongs to the man. According to preliminary data, the death of this person could come 3-6 days ago. Judging by tattoos, the owner of a brush about 40 years, earlier he happened on a zone. Some versions of the incident are possible: or the person died a natural death, or there was a crime and a body of the dead hid far away from others eyes.

Unusual find sent for examination then it is stored in a mortuary. The carried-out dactyloscopy fingers found a brush too didn't clear up business. The owner of a brush isn't registered in a militia database, so, in militia wasn't delivered.

Awful find which added works to militiamen, dogs living at gas station brought. The business owner, the owner of gas station, says that Dana (revodka of a German shepherd) was beaten at gas station about two weeks ago. Black shaggy Aza lives in the box behind station for a long time and now bears puppies. Both dogs in any way didn't want to show a place, human remains from where are brought. Militiamen even made experiment: three days of dogs kept in the closed utility room on one water in hope that they will get hungry and will lead to a body. But also this experiment gave nothing.

Field investigators say that, most likely, the dog found a brush on the railroad which is located a row. Whether train to someone cut off an extremity, whether it threw out from passable structure.Staff of linear department of militia too was connected to work and checks possible versions.

Meanwhile in Melitopol interdistrict prosecutor's office reported that to bring criminal case there are no bases: at first it is necessary to find a body of the owner of a brush and to find out the reason of his death. There is no corpse - there is no crime also. Probably, a body at all won't find. For example, in one of the areas neighboring to Melitopol there was a case when doctors amputated to the addict a foot and placed it in Bekkariya's so-called hole. From there the extremity was pulled out by hungry vagrant dogs... So than the history with the found brush will end - it isn't known.


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