The head of the budgetary commission of the Kharkov regional council looked for gaps in the budget of Nikolaev-2009

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Today, on February 27, in the Central city library of M. Kropivnitsky took place a press - conference on a subject "City budget of Nikolaev - 2009: survival or development budget".

In a press - conferences took part Lyubov Chub, the head of the budgetary commission of the Kharkov regional council, the President of Association of women of Harkovshchina "Bereginya", representatives of public organizations and charity foundations of Nikolaev, representatives of mass media.

Though in the announcement of action it was declared Sergey Taranenko's participation, the deputy head of the constant commission of the City Council concerning economic policy, planning of the budget and finance, and also other representatives of this commission, none of them on a press - conferences weren't present. Probably, the Nikolaev politicians had affairs more important, than a press - conference for the press on such enough topic of the day.

In the opening speech Lyubov Chub acting as the expert in budgetary questions, paid attention present that today, in the conditions of the crisis, public monitoring of activity of bodies of local government, and in particular everything, as for the budgetary process is especially actual.

"It is pleasant to me that the public Nikolaeva is adjusted actively. If we also can shift something in the budgetary sphere, only "hands" of public organizations and representatives of mass media", - Lyubov Nikolaevna declared.

Then the head of the budgetary commission of the Kharkov regional council passed directly to discussion of the budget of Nikolaev-2009 and its main gaps to which it is necessary to pay public attention.

"I looked at your city budget. And it is a pity to me that today with us there is no someone from his authors - people who can ask questions. And they arise. And next time, I hope, the Nikolaev politicians won't begin to ignore public discussions on such important question", - so Lyubov Nikolaevna commented on absence of representatives of the commission of the City Council concerning economic policy.

In particular, questions points concerning privatization programs in Nikolaev, investments, etc. are "causing".

"In general, programs is as on Ostap Bender's precepts: fair depriving of money from the budget. Here to take at least the program according to which the Nikolaev militia in each area it is allocated 85 thousand UAH. Even we will reject that fact that the local government has no right to finance power departments, and in particular, law-enforcement bodies as it is state function. Unless for this money it is possible to eradicate crime? No. Means, for this money computers or still something will be simply bought. But why we have to give the money for militia? ", - Lyubov Chub declared.

For this reason monitoring and control is so necessary today from the public behind the budgetary process - the corruption moments which take in it place, have to come to light and be stopped by the public.


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