The commander of crew of the Zaporozhye submarine changed to the oath and handed over a vessel to invaders

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Commander of the second crew of the only submarine of Naval Forces of Ukraine «Zaporozhye» the captain of the first rank Robert Shagiyev changed to the oath and agreed to transfer the ship of the Russian Federation entrusted to it.

About it writes «Duma» with reference to sources in VMSU command.

The submarine will be included in again created division of submarines of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation.

Ceremony of solemn lifting of an andreevsky flag on «Zaporozhye» will pass tomorrow morning then the underwater ship will tow off from the Streletsky bay in Southern where costs only while the BSF submarine «ALROSA».

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the absence of indications of the leadership of Ukraine, on all Voyenno's new ships - naval forces of Ukraine rise andreevsky flags of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

Seamen of a trawler «Cherkassy» , which is in the occupied territory in the lake Donuzlav near the settlement New lake, demand from the country leaders to make the concrete decision rather further actions of military.


Submarine «Zaporozhye» it was constructed in Leningrad at the New Admiralty plant. It is floated on May 29, 1970. I was a part of the Navy of the USSR under designation of B-435 on January 20, 1971 and in February, 1971 it is included in structure of Northern fleet of the Navy of the USSR. In 20 years of service as a part of the Navy of the USSR made 14 distant campaigns. The submarine repeatedly bore an active service in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and Barents seas

In 1997 at the section of the Black Sea fleet of the USSR between Russia and Ukraine in B-435 it was transferred to Ukraine and I received the name U01 «Zaporozhye» (укр. Запоріжжя). Since then and to 2012-го years I was under repair.

On March 20, 2012 submarine «Zaporozhye» I left the territory 13-го ship-repair plant of the Black Sea fleet of Russia.

During repair works on replacement of sites of a covering of the case, donno - outboard fittings, torpedo tubes, the screw - a steering complex, deadwood epiploons, installation of a nasal spike, cleaning and coloring of the case and tanks of the main ballast were carried out. The case of the submarine was carefully surveyed with the assistance of designers and representatives of institute of welding of Patton. All places of corrosion and язвины are built up and made. UZK a case tolshchinometriya is made. On the submarine modern communication systems, hydroacoustics and a radar-location, and also the new storage batteries bought from the Greek firm Germanos are installed.

After repair the submarine several times put out to sea and made immersions. In 2012 - m to year I participated in joint российско - the Ukrainian doctrines «Waterway of the world»

In January, 2013 in Sevastopol festive events on the occasion of submarine «acceptance took placeZaporozhye» in fighting structure of fleet.

Commander of the first crew—Denis Klochan, commander of the second—Robert Shagiyev.

Катерина Вовченко

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