The Russian invaders after airfield storm in Belbek kidnapped the commander of the Ukrainian military Mamchur

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The commander of the Ukrainian military unit in Belbek Yuli Mamchur was kidnapped by the Russian military. Invaders he personally reported about detention to the correspondent of news agency «Rider».

About it reports «5 channel».

At present Mamchur's location isn't known.

Earlier Russian military the armored personnel carrier - ohm rammed gate and rushed on the part territory. According to witnesses - shots were audible, and the heavy machinery is involved in attack - not less than 8 - mi BTR - ов.

According to local mass media, wounds were got by one of journalists, he was hospitalized. And here a video camera - with which broadcast on the Internet a course of events in part - Crimean «samooboronovets» destroyed.

Before storm declared the ultimatum - demanded from Ukrainian to leave the part territory. On what - according to witnesses, the commander Yuli Mamchur answered that can't such make without order of Kiev, and urged the subordinates to remain true to the oath. On what Russians answered Mamchur - «Your management is far, and people you will put».

Also witnesses say that the Ukrainian military complain - have scanty number of the weapon, besides and outdated. For example - on five only one and only machine gun. Whereas in the Russian invaders a heap modern automatic the weapon, sniper rifles and grenade launchers - also work with support of heavy armored machinery. The last days Ukrainians in this military airfield controlled exclusively office building, all other rooms and vzletno - a landing strip - Russians.

Роман Свиридов

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