In Nikolayevshchina 10 - the summer boy in the birthday burned 3 tons of hay

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With heat arrival in the Nikolaev area even more often there are fires from - for childish pranks with fire. Habitual games bother, and children start dangerous entertainments with fire. Knowing that adults of it don't encourage, they seek to get into the town more secluded: on a mow, in a shed, in straw ricks. From here quite often fires also extend.

On March 10 as a result of game with matches the ten-year-old little boy from the village Novolazarevka of the Kazankovsky area of the Nikolaev area set fire to a haystack.

About it reports the Center of promotion of GUMChS in the Nikolaev area.

This day Seryozha had a holiday - he noted the 10 - the anniversary. While parents were in the house, the boy went to a canopy under which 3 tons of the hay prepared for the winter were stored. Near a sennik the remains of old straw were scattered. To strike on a box a sulfuric head of a match it appeared as easy as shelling pears, and here that the fiery languages devouring straw, will be thrown and on a sennik, he couldn't assume. The boy managed to run off. And the canopy and stocks of hay lit up. Understanding that there is no place to disappear, the boy ran to the house to call to the aid parents. They, in turn, immediately called rescuers.

While fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations coped with fire, birthday of the young instigator proceeded punishment "serving"... in a corner on corn. Maybe in such a way Seryozha will understand that matches for children - not a toy.

The one who at least time saw a fire, knows, how many it can cause burning. Also it is necessary to try to inspire it in the child. From early age it has to acquire that it is necessary to handle with fire with care. But certainly, the most reliable way to prevent prank of the small child with fire - not to leave it without supervision. If nevertheless there was a need to leave for the period of the child of one before leaving, check, whether you cleaned matches, whether switched off gas and electric devices, whether extinguished fire in an oven.


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