Look before you leap. "Nikolayevoblenergo" will be обрезть trees in coordination with housing and communal services Department

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Within the last week on the central city streets (Chigrin St., M. Morskoy St., Navarinskaya St., Artilleriyskaya St., Grazhdanskaya St., Shevchenko St., Adm St. Makarova, Lenin Ave. (from Inzhenernaya St. to M. Morskoy St.) crews of JSC Nikolayevoblenergo held a mass action on cutting of trees which get to a security zone of overhead power transmission lines. The good desire of energy drinks to do pass of the electric power of more reliable of - for nonprofessional actions of those who carried out cutting, turned back damage of long-term trees and causing damage to an ecological background of the city.

The commission as a part of employees of management of protection of natural environment of housing and communal services department, the State ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area and Green Farms agrofirms repeatedly left on surveys of streets and established the facts of illiterate actions when carrying out cutting of trees. As a result of such amateur performance windage of krone is changed, decorative qualities of green plantings are lost and their growth is suspended. And in certain cases the actions employees of JSC Nikolayevoblenergo created an emergency for houses.

For prevention further this practice quickly on March 5 to the deputy of the mayor - the director of the department of housing and communal services - to Vladimir Novozhilov representatives of the energy company to whom the legislation was explained were invited, being guided which enterprise has to carry out sanitary резку. The decision of the commission suspended all works on a kronirovaniye and cutting of trees.

For their renewal the company, first of all, has to submit an application to housing and communal services department for inspection of sites of alleged sanitary cutting. Specialists of Green Economy agrofirm and department of coordination of works of gardening of the city will draw the conclusion about expediency and technology of processing of trees.For work on creation of an air passage of JSC Nikolayevoblenergo it is offered to sign the contract with the specialized enterprises, capable to execute necessary actions and to keep decorative effect and safety of green plantings.

In the long term for prevention of the reason of similar misunderstanding power engineering specialists need to take care of replacement of "temporary" air-lines by underground cables, and green fund of the city gradually to change for new forms of trees, carrying out stage-by-stage reconstruction of the whole streets. As, for example, this work is carried out on Chigrin St. and in Pionersky Square.

Zaytseva Larisa, department zhilishchno - municipal services


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