In Nikolaev people tried to prevent a funeral on the closed cemetery

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There is a wish us for that or not, but all people are mortal. Only ahead of time to adjoin live with dead not really - that there is a wish. In any case, it is visually visible on flashing conflict situations on the cemetery closed a long time in Matveevk's residential district in the city of Nikolaev.

The last burials of this cemetery are located literally in 50-60 meters from houses of inhabitants therefore there is nothing surprising that people start being indignant when on a cemetery continue to bury the dead. Especially if to consider that here it is strictly forbidden to make burials - in any case, about it the inscription on the plate placed with an entrance says. "Adds fuel to the fire" and one more important fact. So left that the cemetery is located on a hillock and one of the parties "rests" against a ravine which "adjoins" to houses. As a result, some irresponsible people throw out wreaths, curbstones of monuments and other garbage in this ravine. And through any time this garbage steadily slips in kitchen gardens.

Earlier already it was reported about a situation on this cemetery. And here on April 4 there was the next conflict. The reason was that this day there had to bury one of inhabitants Matveevki.

"We have nothing against when someone подхоранивает the relatives to earlier already buried native is one. But new burials it is already absolute another. The cemetery is closed and it is forbidden to bury on it", - locals were indignant.

People even called police officers, and were ready to prevent native to bury the dead him. But, as subsequently it became clear, permission they were given out nevertheless - here only not KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" (in whose department there is a cemetery), and the Central regional executive committee of the city. However, anybody couldn't show it that day.

"The problem with this cemetery is played very long time. Yes, it is closed, but we resolve подзахоранивать. But there was some other situation - we gave permission not, and district executive committee - there everything was agreed for a long time.In this situation we can make only one - to write to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies about that on this cemetery forbade burials absolutely. Up to subburials", - the deputy chief of KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" Tatyana Tyutyunikova declared.

As for garbage which can be observed round this cemetery, and that "scandalous" ravine, Tatyana Tyutyunikova noted that they in every way try to fight against it, but once you clean these blockages, steadily there are new.

"Probably, it is connected with mentality of people. And financing at us doesn't suffice - we do everything that in our forces", - the chief of KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" notes.

As if in confirmation of Tatyana Tyutyunikova's words, in Saturday day in the face of many people, even in the presence of the police officer, the young woman threw out a wreath in this ravine. In the address about it she apprehended the remark in bayonets and flatly refused to clean up.


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