And again moped … Since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area 5 mopedist

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Every day on roads appears more and more mopeds. And it isn't surprising, such type of transport differs the small dimensions, profitability, high maneuverability, speed and reasonable price. But "flying" by the two-wheeled car, many of us often forget about elementary Traffic regulations, exceed speed, take the wheel in a state of intoxication.

Only since the beginning of the current year on highways of Nikolayevshchina there were 52 accidents to participation of drivers of this category of transport in whom 5 people were lost and 27 - were injured.

Besides, employees of the State traffic inspectorate since the beginning of year revealed and stopped 1790 violations by drivers of motor-transport at what 645 motorcyclists were drunk. The State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area reports about it.

In the first day of summer at 3 o'clock in the morning 23 - the summer driver of a moped "Sports", moved on one of streets in смт. Bashtanka, but, having distracted from management, I left on a strip of oncoming traffic and I faced the Mercedes Benz car. As a result of own not attentiveness of the driver of a moped it was taken to Bashtansky regional hospital with concussion of a brain and numerous grazes.

And here in the evening on June 4 the driver of a moped "Yamaha" neglected signals of the traffic light and, having come out to the intersection of streets of Kirov and Electronic on red color, at once faced the Deu Lanos car. As a result of road accident two passengers of a moped among whom and 15 - the summer child with injuries were taken to hospital.

The set of examples can be given, telling details of such accidents. Each driver, despite the fact that, whether operates he a moped, the motorcycle or the car, has to remember that it has in hands a means of the increased danger. The road situation changes every minute and one of the major functions which provides reception and information processing, the attention is. And the inattention can become a cause of death and traumatizing of people.

Drivers of motorcycles and mopeds have to remember that though their vehicle and differs the dimensions from other cars, but Traffic regulations are identical to all and consequences of accidents can be very heavy.

The state traffic inspectorate addresses and to parents. Dear parents, upon purchase to the children of such gift, think well, whether there is it health, and in certain cases and lives of your child. After all, taking the wheel of a high-speed moped, the child, without possessing sufficient knowledge of Traffic regulations and skills of driving, subjects not only the life, but also life of people of danger surrounding it.


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