Mission of IAEA confirmed nuclear safety Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant

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From March 30 to April 9 on YuU nuclear power plant (Nikolaevthe area) worked a team of experts of the International agency on atomic energy. She pursued two aims - carrying out post-mission on check of operational safety (OSART) on the power unit No. 3 and performance of an expert assessment of realization on all blocks Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of the recommendations issued by missions of OSART on other nuclear power plants of Ukraine.

Skilled experts were a part of mission in the field of nuclear power from Japan, France, Lithuania, Italy, Russia. The head of team Yury Martynenko coordinated their work. Mission was carried out within the tripartite contract between Ukraine, European Commission and IAEA according to which all domestic nuclear power plants have to pass the international assessment of safety.

Within 2 weeks the international experts checked the following areas of work of YuU nuclear power plant: management, organization and administration; training and qualification of the personnel; operation; maintenance and repair; technical support; use of operational experience; radiation protection; chemistry; antiemergency planning and emergency readiness.

During final meeting on a platform It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant on April 9 the head of a team of experts of the International agency on atomic energy Yury Martynenko, transferring to the chief engineer of OP YuU nuclear power plant Vyacheslav Kuznetsov technical documentation with preliminary results of work of mission, I emphasized: "The management and the personnel Yuzhno - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant fruitfully cooperated with a team of experts of post-mission of OSART and expert mission of IAEA. We are impressed with that number of correcting actions which were realized for elimination of the remarks formulated at carrying out the main missions of OSART on Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant and other nuclear power plants of Ukraine".

According to the mission manager, access to all necessary information, the equipment and the personnel was provided to his team on Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.And the management and the personnel were open and frank in discussion of all problems. It became the main contribution to success of mission and quality of the report.

In October, 2006 team of mission OSART working at the third power unit YuU nuclear power plant, issued 10 recommendations and 23 offers on further increase of operational safety of station. 29 months later, for April, 2009, 58% of recommendations and offers on are southern - to the Ukrainian platform are realized completely, on 42% satisfactory progress (is noted by t. е, work is conducted in the correct direction, its considerable volume is done, but completion of process requires certain time).

As for expert Mission which considered reaction of YuU nuclear power plant to the recommendations received during missions on operational safety on ZAES, HAES and RAES, - 39% from them are completely realized for today, satisfactory progress is obvious on 61%.

On one of recommendations and offers it is noted insufficient progress. Yury Martynenko called it outstanding result. According to him, the reached indicators confirmed that nuclear safety - the highest priority of the management and the station personnel, and it is obvious that its continuous improvement - a main goal of the enterprise.


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