Yesterday on streets of Kiev the Hungarian GAI officers teased drivers indecent gestures

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In the capital meeting of GAI officers, Gibddeshnikov and European car inspectors.

The Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Belarusian, Moldavian and Hungarian inspectors arrived to Kiev to compete in the regulating abilities. There were they to one of the most difficult and loaded intersections of the capital - Uritsky and Kudryashov's corner. Appearance of unusual GAI officers (the form differs, especially Hungarian: black jackets with white oversleeves and white peak-caps) made furor. The stunned drivers were lost in contemplation of bright inspectors and joking saluted. Some were more violent: waved a hand, crying out: "Wow! " Journalists became the witness of how near the intersection for a minute expensive jeep and the driver stopped asked one of passersby: "The brother, you don't know, what occurs? I go and see: there is Russian Gibddeshnik... I will understand nothing... "

Were also dissatisfied. "Overtook here for militias, and the order isn't present! Look, the traffic light doesn't work! How to come over to other to side? " - the elderly woman expressed the discontent.

But even at huge number of GAI officers drivers of cool cars didn't pay attention to the traffic controler. The driver on yellow "Lamborghini" didn't notice forbidding gesture of the GAI officer and tried to slip the intersection. However, GAI officers were surprisingly mercy, the violator why - that at all didn't stop. Some minutes later the driver of a gray jeep tried to cross across the road while one of inspectors ran to replace the colleague. The jeep sharply braked in a half a meter from the GAI officer.

Standing in a queue on adjustment, the Ukrainian GAI officers warmed up on the sidewalk - fulfilled movements of the staffs, some put on white gloves. The Hungarian police officers, having left the car, put on the black uniform jackets, Belarusians dressed lime specialvests. The Moldavian police officers in black suits and white shirts accurately corrected ties.

According to preliminary estimates judges, Belarusians best of all worked. "The Belarusian team was more plastic, Russians are good also. And here Hungarians puzzled our drivers. When they regulated, by a staff specified to itself through a shoulder. It means that journey is allowed in that party. In Ukraine such gesture isn't provided, and drivers didn't understand where it is necessary to go", - one of judges of competitions Sergey Reshetovsky told.

Among car inspectors the Slovak militiamen bewildered answered a question of bribes that they don't know that this such. "Our driver has to pay a penalty for the check, and anybody doesn't think at all that can be on - to another", - the Slovak inspector assured. For example, for driving by the drunk the penalty about 650 euros


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