Since the beginning of year in Nikolayevshchina on fire 37 people

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Recently in Nikolayevshchina the peak of death and traumatizing of people is observed during fires. Almost every day tragic messages about someone's broken life arrives from all regions of area. Since the beginning of year on fire 37 nikolayevets were lost. Among the most common causes of fires with a deadly outcome the main place is taken by imprudence during smoking. Most often danger to life arises during smoking in a bed. To fall asleep with a cigarette on a sofa or in a chair - to sign to itself the death sentence. And if the person before it still took alcoholic drinks, the tragedy is inevitable. About it warns the Center of promotion of GUMChS in the Nikolaev area.

We will give statistics only for the last four days:

On April 25 in Korchino's village of the Nikolaev area from - for imprudence when smoking I was lost 43 - the summer man.

On April 26 "addiction" truncated life at once to two inhabitants of the village of Gradovk of the Veselinovsky area. Were lost mother with the son.

On the same day in Nikolaevsk the area the fire in temporary construction where there lived seasonal workers flashed. One died on the spot, another from 94% of burns of a body died in hospital. The cause of the fire is established.

On April 27 in the private house in the village of Nikolaevka of the Brotherly area on fire I was lost 58 - the summer pensioner. The reason of ignition is established by experts.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area warns: "From carelessness to the tragedy - one step. Be careful with fire. Protect the life and life of the relatives. "


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