Severe Nikolaev skuterist even more often break on roads

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Those who prefers as "a two-wheeled iron horse", becomes more increasing. But it and isn't surprising. All these "Hondas", "Yamahas" and other prestigious toys rather inexpensive, simple under repair, consume not enough fuel, and speed gather the decent.

"Flying" by the two-wheeled car, young people often forget about elementary requirements of Traffic regulations, exceed the established speed, go without crash helmets, than strengthen negative consequences dorozhno - transport incidents.

.... On April 14 in 2009 at 19-00 in. New Bug on Bolnichnaya St. opposite to the house No. 18, a mopedist, 17 - the summer local, during braking didn't manage to drive, ran into stones, didn't constrain balance, and fell to a border. Owing to falling the guy got to hospital with opened cherepno - a brain trauma.

And already on April 16, approximately at the 9th o'clock in the morning, in Nikolaev, on Oktyabrsky Avenue, near the adjustable intersection with Vaslyaev Street, the driver of a moped "Aloes" moved in the direction from Oleynik Street to Molodogvardiyskaya Street. Without having sustained a lateral interval, it faced the Gillie car then continued movement and crashed into VAZ 2106, stopped ahead at the left. As a result of incident the driver of a moped received closed cherepno - a brain trauma, numerous grazes and was delivered in BSMP of Nikolaev.

On April 23 at 17.35 in the village. Troitsk Voznesensky of the area, the driver of the MT-10 motorcycle, at great speed didn't manage to drive and crashed into a building wall. The driver from traumatized died on the spot...

Only in the current year to participation of drivers of motor-transport in the territory of the Nikolaev area there were 33 road accidents as a result of which 3 motorcyclists were lost and 30 were traumatized different severity.

In this regard the area State traffic inspectorate since April 1 performs the target operation "Scooter" which is directed on identification of rough violations of traffic regulations of drivers of this category and prevention of commission by them dorozhno - transport adventures.

Since the beginning of operation 1041 violations by drivers of motor-transport, 763 facts of management in an alcohol intoxication are revealed and stopped, on a shtrafploshchadka of the temporary contents is put 801moped.

For management of motor-transport in a state of intoxication, according to judgments, 2 drivers the deprived rights of management, 2138 expect public works and 11 - administrative is necessary to pay a penalty,

Also, today, one of burning issues is management of mopeds of minors. Parents, without realizing tragic consequences, buy to the children expensive toys. Young men, without having skills of management of the vehicle and necessary knowledge of Traffic regulations begin лихачить.

Examples it is possible to bring more, but even these three it is enough to make sure that two-wheeled vehicles need special attention. Therefore drivers of "iron horses" have to be very careful and attentive.

Once again it would be desirable to remind all participants of traffic: be - that the pedestrian, the driver of the motorcycle or the car that all of them have to strictly and execute steadily the main law of the road - Traffic regulations. Only this way it is possible to be saved from tragedies in which people perish and sustain injuries.


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