The Nikolaev area is threatened again by forest fires

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If to remember some last years, forNikolayevshchinathey became the real trouble: through hot weather, since April and until the end of summer, on area there was a huge number of forest fires.

The main reason for forest fires - imprudence of people with fire at visit of the woods (the thrown stubs, badly extinguished fires …).

Therefore with approachfire-dangerous period(since April) the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the staff of State forestry constantly carries out road inspections of forests - fire-prevention gaps, the protective mineralized strips, ditches are arranged.

Also explanatory work among the population is carried out, evident propaganda is established. However, the main reasons for emergence of fires, as before, there is a human factor: because of people, through their neglect safety rules happen most of all forest tragedies.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reminds!Dear citizens, be careful with fire within any natural territory. That your imprudence didn't become the reason of forest fire, carry out the following rules:

  1. Never set fire to a dry grass on edges in the wood.
  2. If you see how it is done by others, try to stop them and to explain, than dangerous burning of a grass.
  3. It is forbidden to part the center in the dry wood.
  4. Never throw outstanding matches or cigarettes.
  5. Try to explain to your friends and acquaintances that their imprudence can become the reason of fires.

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