The Nikolaev rescuers trained to extinguish a fire in the wood in Voznesensky the area

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With approach of the fire-dangerous period employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with employees of State forestry constantly carry out road inspections of loessial massifs. All anticipatory measures are taken not to allow fires. Fire-prevention gaps, the protective mineralized strips, ditches are arranged. Also entrance to the wood for motor transport is blocked, cleaning of the vegetable remains and other flammable subjects is carried out. Explanatory work among the population is carried out, evident propaganda is established. However the main reasons for emergence of seats of fire on - former there is a human factor: because of people, from - for their neglects by safety rules it happens most of all forest tragedies.

Therefore for the purpose of working off of actions of services on elimination of fires in the woods practical working off of suppression of forest fire was carried out to Voznesensky's Bugskiye's natural boundary of the Farm of the region of the Nikolaev area. On a tactical plan it was necessary to check quality of management of actions of divisions of forestry which the first enter fight against forest fire, and divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations which come to the rescue. As place of working off chose Voznesensky's Voznesensky's forest planting of forestry of the area. On elimination of forest fire were attracted not only firefighters from among foresters who with portable fire extinguishers and shovels extinguished a fire, and and a tractor, the water truck, fire cars and heavy machinery of military unit, close to the wood.

On doctrines four units pozharno - the saving equipment, six units of special equipment, 40 people of staff of forestry and the Nikolaev garrison of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved.

- On these doctrines we checked operational readiness of divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and also interaction of services participating in fire elimination, - the head of department of forces of civil protection of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area Orest Korchinsky commented.

Thanks to joint efforts the conditional fire managed to be subdued.


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