"GAI officers" with "Viewfinder" lost the suit to the simple rural driver

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Inhabitant of the village Bilyki of the Kobelyatsky areaPoltava regionI proved in court that methods of determination of speed of cars by means of the infamous Viewfinder device don't guarantee objectivity, and the penalties imposed allegedly for excess of speed of movement, can be cancelled.

In Kobelyatsky district court satisfied the claim of the business owner - the inhabitant of the village Bilyki to the Kobelyatsky company of traffic police who asked to cancel a penalty in 300 UAH, imposed on it the staff of GAI for speed excess. The forty-year-old driver by mail received the copy of the resolution on imposing on it of a penalty for administrative violation and "Lanos's" photo with hardly noticeable inscription "086 km/hour".

The driver counted "Viewfinder" indications on what arguments of "GAI officers", imperfect were based. In this device, the driver "Lanosa" considers, unsuccessfully united the digital camera and a radar. Though in all civilized world, the claimant of employees of GAI educated, police officers use devices which I work at a laser basis for determination of speed. Also they are established on roads permanently that excludes influence of a human factor.

In court didn't accept the plaintiff's statement twice, but on the third time were compelled to accept. In a court session which about one and a half hours proceeded, the driver proved insolvency of arguments of employees of GAI. And they, by the way, in court weren't, having limited to that the written explanations sent to the judge. And here on "Viewfinder" they didn't provide the certificate copy.

The claimant managed to convince court that employees of GAI who fined it, broke a number of articles of the Law of Ukraine "About militia", Civil and Administrative codes. The judge cancelled the decision on penalty imposing on the driver.

Whether "GAI officers" will challenge the decision in Appellate court, it is yet known. But the driver already declares that is ready to reach the Supreme Court, but to prove that with militia "lawlessness" on roads it is possible and it is necessary to fight.


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