In Cela Shevchencovo of Mchsniki's Nikolaev area send the whole arsenal of ammunition of times of war

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On the eve of the Victory Day the head Shevchekovsky village the Novobugsky area asked for suggestions rescuers to survey land grounds of the village. As reports the Center of promotion of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the group of pyrotechnic and special diving works found the whole arsenal of explosive subjects: 20 artillery shells in caliber of 76 mm and 10 artillery shells in caliber of 45 mm. In too put all explosive subjects were neutralized.

Already became tradition that from the beginning to the veseena - field and land works people start finding a huge number of explosive subjects of times of war. It can become a cause of death and traumatizing of people who find ammunition.

Only in two days in April in the Volynsk and Donetsk areas during attempt of independent extraction from the earth explosive subjects suffered two persons, two more were lost on a scene. Fortunately in the Nikolaev area of similar cases it isn't recorded.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area addresses to all citizens, especially parents! If you or your child found an unknown and suspicious subject, it is impossible even to touch it it it is very dangerous. The found ammunition has to be neutralized only by experts. It is forbidden to move explosive subjects from the location, to transfer, sort, heat, throw. It is necessary to phone about a find urgently "101" or "102".


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