For a month of summer vacations in the Nikolaev area was lost 2-е and 8 children

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With approach of summer school vacations many efforts not only to parents, but also workers of the State traffic inspectorate are added. After all the most part dorozhno is made in the summer - transport adventures in which suffer to put.

In the summer at school students who with relief sighed after end of academic year, appears rather free time. However not all parents have opportunity to send children to have a rest to the sea or to the village where movement not such intensively. Therefore the huge number of children spends vacation in the cities where a lot of time of their leisure passes near the carriageway, and even it is simple on roads which they chose for a skating, boards, bicycles or on mopeds, a gift of parents for good marks at school. It is quite clear that such carefree games sometimes lead to tragic consequences. Only for the first month of summer from - for traffic violations of the rules on streets and roads of area occurred 9 dorozhno - transport events in which two children was lost and 8 it is injured. The inspector of group of scheduled maintenance of OGAI of Nikolaev, Olga Novokhatskaya reports about it.

But, though as not annoyingly to state it, to this tragic statistics the lion's part is added also by adults. Because from all accidents only three were made because of minors, other of - for rashness of drivers.

In a type of it, the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area addresses to all drivers, be attentive and vigilant during movement. After all if you don't appreciate own life then reduce speed for the sake of children who go together with you or walk on the street. Don't deprive health and life children.


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