Nikolaev batutist Yury Nikitin: I live by the vital principles

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Eyes - the very first source of deception. Them you won't see the main thing - heart feels much better. And eyes... They lie. Because people generally pretend to be, at everyone there are a lot of appearances which change depending on circumstances. You will seldom meet the open person".


It is very interesting to me to live.I am happy how events develop. Even I try to perceive small failures with optimism because the reserve is already made. I know that those nearly two tens years which I train, passed not for nothing - a rank of the Olympic champion lifelong.

In life I had long ago no cool turns.Everything lasts in more - less quiet rhythm. Car purchase was the last bend, probably. You know, I since the childhood didn't love cars - me constantly rocked to sleep. And now in principle in buses sometimes feels sick. I won't understand with what it is connected. Perhaps because I constantly rotate? (Laughs. ) Test any is simple! And so, I thought that any car at me never will be, but then vital need everything is forced it to buy. If you knew how all this strained me! And now without car I can't at all. Today already the motorcycle there is a wish. But the spouse with parents categorically against. Purchase of this transport, most likely, also becomes that a vital bend who promises the mass of an extreme. I like it. Otherwise, obviously, I and on a trampoline wouldn't jump.


My relations with people around develop quickly: or yes, or isn't present.In respect of tolerance I very much … the harmful. In any case, the wife so considers.

But harm too happens different. I - it is quick-tempered - easily appeased. I can get excited, and literally through couple of seconds me попускает. We with the spouse already got used to each other - as - in any way since 2000 are married. The biggest vital swing, perhaps, already passed. Same lack of money, for example. The main thing in a similar situation - to keep optimism. The trainer since the childhood taught me:"When to you it is sad, it is necessary to stretch simply the person in a smile. The brain perceives good signals and understands that time you smile, so not so all and is bad".

Then it becomes valid better. However, it is necessary to do it not in public, and so, near a mirror - I stood a little, I wriggled. If the person can smile when at heart it is heavy, that, I think, to him it is already terrible nothing.

Patience - not always a positive trait of character. If the person has any internal contradictions, he starts itself eating.At some point the patience already is contrary to of what he thinks. Then it is desirable to state everything. There is an opinion: if you want to establish good relations in new collective, come and to a descent with all quarrel. Farther it will be unambiguous better. If to try to please all and to be pleasant, as a result to you will push around and will start riding. When your patience will burst and you will rear, you will start condemning: here supposedly there was such good boy, and here зазнался.

Life is changeable: never you know that can occur tomorrow.You shouldn't offend the person in vain. In - the first, at any time on its place you can come to be. And in - the second as - that so turns out that the person, so to speak, equalizes everything. If it where - that long clamped, it by all means will find the moment for a reciprocal subsplitting. The same when in families, let us assume, one spouses reproaches another with a small investment in the family budget. Don't promise and be not lifted up. And the Homeland very strongly helps us with this plan that we felt … as it is possible (laughs) worse. That will trip up, still something will think up. It is possible, naturally, to believe that we thus grow stronger. Speak: everything that doesn't kill us, does stronger. But strong - yes, becomes stronger, and someone after all can break. It has to be any luck that the person had good teachers who would pass on experience, explained how in general it is necessary to move on life. I in this plan was very lucky with the first trainer Molchanov Igor Anatolyevich. Generally, everything that I now know, than I operate and I use, it enclosed in me, brought up as the person.

I live by the vital principles.I try to be extremely honest. First of all before by itself. If the person made something bad, and then acquits itself any personal circumstances, it even is worse, than to deceive someone. When slowly you start yourself screening, eventually it is possible to get confused to such an extent that itself you won't understand, where the truth, and where lie.

The love doesn't need proofs. When there are sincere feelings, you want to do all the time something for the loved one.And native it feel. And if you don't love, and only you pretend then you start looking for, as though to show the feelings. And proofs … Me touches when for years the husband doesn't give to the spouse of flowers, and one fine day - on you a bouquet. And logically it has a counter question: "You made something bad? " It seems and the love proof, but here is perceived it as - that watchfully. If движешься in one direction, in the same spirit better and to continue.

People can spoil anything.The trainer as - that declared to me: "You should pass everything: fire, water and copper pipes. The last - the most difficult".Glory and money - two factors which more than the others are reflected in character. The success extremely turns the head, and the person is lost from own lifting.Pier: "You look, how me поперло - that, and? ! And what all of you insignificant on my background! " Foreign success and without that is perceived by many with any envy. And here still such indicator. Money as means helps to carry out many desires. They can spoil not so much the person, how many his relation with people around. There is an abyss between people: to the one who is poorer, it becomes unpleasant. In it there is no someone's fault specifically - such is humdrum of life. Correctly those who doesn't advertize the income arrive and don't squander money. Oh, you know, money is always difficult (laughs).

The rich rule the world.So was always. How many wars arose on empty desire of tsars or other nobility. Now the same, however as tsars rich men act. Here will climb up to it tomorrow in the head to organize to itself any sales market. It will take and will make it, and precisely won't begin to consider opinion of ordinary inhabitants of that country. That's all. And look that our "handsome" gets up.

That pulls them in one party, in another. And each of them in itself rather well-to-do, and with yourself on a next world after all you will take away nothing. Then, it is asked, why to you it is so much? "And not hi ще on beets awaking".

The first progress I started achieving years in 16.The trainer looked narrowly at me and as - I noticed that: "Yura, on - to mine, you began to become presumptuous. As - that lightly you communicate with children". After that I started monitoring the behavior. And now, if something also tries to be shown, the wife writes out clips (laughs).But all the same any deviations, let and small, but happen. From time to time and pulls to point a finger itself at a breast and to give out: "And here I! "

Why - that a simple way to lighten itself mood - to spoil it still to someone.After Beijing I few months didn't train, and a physical form if objectively, I was bad. And children in a hall worked day by day, hadn't a rest. To them it is heavy, worry. And here my present mentor Vladimir Maksimovich Gorzhy speaks: "Guys, look at Yura, and it becomes easier for you" (laughs).

"Is useless to run away from the sniper - you will die tired".In our life there are circumstances it is better for them not to resist. They need to be endured. At us, for example, such difficult moments arise when there is a lot of and monotonously you train - changes nothing, all identical … If to give in to weakness and to break away (elementary to collect friends and to wave for couple of days to the sea), all preparation will go, excuse, is up the spout. So here it is better to wait, bear, adequately to make a speech at competitions and already then to have a rest.

I on life the lucky.Some situations were defined without my strong-willed participation. I was clamped by circumstances, and, being roughly expressed, life conducted me. Years in 14, probably, when there was a mad wish to walk and more often to meet friends, I thought to throw a trampoline. But here mother interfered. On me then, as a matter of fact, depended nothing - was to rest uselessly. In that, perhaps, the luck - important that the person who would teach mind - reason was near also consists. And the main thing - to it not to resist.

Obliging memory of a batutist - the boxer

All of us in something are intolerant. But here one as required will begin to be indignant, loading surrounding with negative energy, and others right there will pat you shoulder and will conclude: "That it is fine, don't take a steam bath. Everything is great. The positive from communication with the Olympic champion in trampolining Yury Nikitin kept me in a tone some days. It not flattery. Simply "Heroes of our time" as reflected, are urged to load with good energy. "If something starts getting me, I approach to a punching bag - specially her houses hung up, - Yury shares the recipe. - Also I start "working". I can play even on billiards or to come to the river bank. The main thing - not to save in itself bad emotions. Organism after all - the most natural mechanism and if to find control levers, and it will begin to work trouble-free".After performance at the Olympic Games in Beijing all fans of sports were uniform in opinion: Nikitin deserved a medal. The crew of judges didn't consider so only. Though, maybe, they also understood it.

But... And let it was offensive to horror, all of us will equally remember brilliant speech of our athlete. "Memoirs in general the piece pleasant, - smiles Yury. - Over the years after all remains only good and the negative is forgotten. Memory obligingly palms off on us only that ourselves want to remember". Together with the spouse Oksana Yury brings up the son Artem to whom 6 years will very soon be executed. And let everything goes as goes. We from ourselves will add: "Without injuries".

Yury Nikitin


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