Between ATP 14827 and the enterprise of the daughter Garkusha real war for passengers

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Between the Alan — the Techno enterprise belonging to the daughter of the governor of the Nikolaev area to Inga Shapovalova, and ATP-14827 which director is Lilia Kostishina, since May 25 there is a war... for the passengers using suburban routes.

Route No. 114 "Zhovtnevaya TSRB - Luparevo (dacha)", before recent time served only the Alan — the Techno enterprise. Complaints from passengers on transportations weren't until the fare didn't rise to 4 UAH 50 kopeks. On a wish of summer residents, the management of the ATP 14827 motor transportation enterprise long ago transporting working NGZ, "A nickname - a Terra" and other enterprises of the city, signed intereconomic contracts for implementation of transportations with 10 country cooperatives located in the Zhovtnevy area, having established a fare in the sum of 3 hryvnias. And here began.

That we moved towards wishes of people, having lowered a fare, "Alan - the techno" strongly wasn't pleasant. In our person they saw the real competitor, and started putting a spoke in the wheel of us: blocked movement of our buses, stopped them on the route and forced passengers to change in their minibuses moreover and threatened our drivers! On Friday not to lose passengers, they decided to lower at themselves a fare to 3 UAH the 50th cop. And today on some of their cars plates about fare in general in 3 hryvnias already flaunted, - Lilia Kostishina shared. She added that if such price "freethinking" who would show another, immediately the enterprise would undergo the most various checks, and even at all would lose the license for the right of passenger traffic. "But Alan - the Techno" - the enterprise of the daughter of the governor therefore affords, everything that will want, knowing that nobody will touch them," - the director of ATP summarized.

In confirmation of Kostishina's words the driver of ATP-14 827 Dmitry Saltykov told how in the first day of work on this route various official representatives including GAI officers approached to it with unclear checks three times.

- All checked "from" and "to", but to carp at something at them it didn't turn out.I am personally sure that all these actions - by someone's order to prevent normal work, to unsettle.

Alexander Aleksandrovich Janko, the chairman of country cooperative "Biryuza", spoke to drivers "Alan - a techno" rather sharply:

- They, so can "cut" others, to take away passengers, to create a lawlessness, only because the director at them Garkusha's daughter more shortly? ! And the most ridiculous that they photographed passengers who got on an ATP bus, and declared that if those to them, so to speak, changed, any more they won't carry them!

The summer resident, Zaginayko Valentina Vasilyevna, added that to pensioners, certainly Alan - the Techno" to summer residents with buckets and garden stock not conveniently, unlike the ATP-14 827 capacious buses is more favorable to go that transport where journey is cheaper, besides, in minibuses ".

The pensioner Valentina Astasheva told that to her, that she agitated other passengers to get on the ATP bus, one of drivers "Alan - the Techno" threatened: the pier, now your photos will stick after all our cars, and none of ours any more won't carry you.

On a route No. 114 many summer residents called reduction of price "facade" in competitive fight and when it to end, journey they will have again 4 UAH 50коп.

- By and large, let they go, as well as went but only that didn't disturb movement to the ATP buses, signed the contract with country cooperatives. And let people solve, in what car and for how many to them to go. Certainly, it is more convenient to summer residents to go for 3 hryvnias on dachas, than for 3 UAH 50 until the end of page of Luparevo, and then, with котомками, to go on foot some kilometers to dachas. Here it will be on - honest, - the pensioner Yury Orisovich Savchenko and the member of Orbita cooperative

stated the point of view

Having listened to one party of the conflict, we addressed to the director of transport "Alan - the Techno" to Sergey Petrenko.

- Our enterprise in September of last year won the tender for implementation of passenger traffic on маршруте№ 114 that is documented. The customer of a route is the Nikolaev regional state administration. And that here now occurs, I would call simply raider capture. We addressed in all local authorities - both the cities, and areas - with a request to protect us from illegal invasion on our route and to help to understand a situation. As for tariffs, them, I will notice, we establish not, and the customer, - that is YEAH. The present tariff is equal 4 UAH 98 kopeks.We carried for 4 UAH 50 kopeks. But because our incorrect competitor started dumping, we were compelled to lower a fare to 3 - 3 UAH 50 kopeks - depending on car model - to draw attention of passengers to itself. he said.

On a question, instead of whether punishment for unauthorized decrease in a tariff from the customer of a route - YEAH will follow - the answer was heard: "We at first will look what there will be reaction to incorrect behavior of the competitor... " All remarks, claims and the charges which have sounded to drivers "Alan - the Techno" from supporters of transportations of ATP 14 827, Sergey Petrenko at all swept aside: "Our people are here at work, and to enter any debate with passengers, or with someone else to them is strictly forbidden. Though the persons interested in the conflict for certain provoke them to it. But I once again will emphasize: we act only in a legal framework"

Who is right who is guilty - the answer to this question interests both parties of the conflict, and each of them considers that the truth on its party. And to passengers by and large all the same. Only in time and at the moderate price they could reach to the destination. The benefit, option in this plan remains for people.


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