Head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh: "The rights the one who is responsible for result"

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To results of the championship of Ukraine on basketball

Interview of the journalist Anatoly Tchaikovsky to the head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh.

- Vladimir Romanovich, last season was the first "full-length" in your trainer's biography, were at it and other features. What impressions?

- Season for our team ordinary. And for me, really, in many respects the significant. The quite good termination of the previous championship gave to confidence, as of the following has to be not worse. But today, looking back at tournament events, I understand that some aspects of my work demand adjustment.

For my debut full year the new page in the history of club - the invitation of foreign basketball players had. And it isn't simple communication in a foreign language is new, sometimes unclear, the relation to work, other experience of preparation, additional household problems.

Due to the transition of a number of clubs to other league the championship format changed, series of games for 5-8-е places increased. Nikolayevtsa returned to eurotournaments, and it too demanded not only additional efforts, but also experience which at us appeared too little.

Formally nikolayevets rose by one step - from the sixth place last year stepped on the fifth. But it was the program - a minimum. It would be possible to consider as the real success only hit in the four. We had a chance, however was beyond the power to pass yuzhnensky "Chemist" to us.

- What means under "adjustments"?

- First of all - discipline strengthening, whether it be on trainings or in game. Disputes between players and the coach in an occasion of expediency of performance of any exercises, tactical moves and simply teams - a question of responsibility for result. The trainer is responsible for result, here and to argue there is nothing.

- You consider, our team missed something?

- Any season doesn't happen ideal. After loss in a quarterfinal series to "Chemist" I worried that children won't have enough motivation for games for 5-8-е a place. But they most seriously approached to preparation for these games and at the most necessary moments, in key matches - against Sumy, Exactly - showed character.

- That is, the structure of 2008-2009, though didn't jump above the head, shouldn't have to yielded at least one position.

- In the second four nikolayevets with all understood convincingly both the regular championship, and in ply - офф. And unless who from rivals conceded to us in a class? Only Sumy at the last stage of the championship.

- Well, now tell, please, about how the present structure was created and led up to standard. After all it is difficult to remember when to Nikolaev invited so many beginners, especially - some rotation in the ranks of legionaries.

- For the first time for many years we hadn't to complain about a short bench. Nikolayevets carried out the majority of games at 9-10 people. Without one - two of them could be won a separate match, but not a half of duels in the championship.

So, since last seasons in team there were Sasha Rayevsky, Vlad Tonchenko, Sergey Gladyr, Igor Silkovsky, Alexey Onufriyev and Ivan Gilevich. Even I signed the contract in the summer and from the first days of training collecting Leonid Yaylo, a bit later - Michal Hlebovitski worked with us. During tour across Baltic Anthony Uilkinz joined team. Over time it will be replaced by Jeremy Montgomery. We still looked for the center. To suitable characteristics there corresponded Tayrell Blair. At last, in February the structure was filled up by the former player of yuzhnensky "Chemist" Dzharrius Jackson.
The preparation plan quite corresponded to more complicated plans for a season. Except traditional sea collecting in Evpatoria, played some matches in Baltic, then still went on tournament to the Khanty - Mansiysk.

- It was smooth on paper?

- Certainly. The invitation in Onufriyev's national team, Gladyrya, Tonchenko and Silkovsky, at all lestnost of interest of the trainer of the main team of the country, didn't allow the remained basketball players to work fully over tactical schemes. Worse than that - collections trained absolutely according to other plans as they should have played elimination games of the European championship in the summer. Besides, game time at them it appeared too little. Probably, because and championship start at us wasn't taken, and in Euro cup couldn't win any victory.

- How there was a search of legionaries?

- As soon as we showed interest to foreign basketball players, we began to contact their agents. During the junior European championship in Riga to me and Berestnev presented Michal Hlebovitski.Looked at its track record, video, agreed to sign the contract. The similar scheme worked concerning Uilkinz, Montgomery and Blair.

- Probably, we waited from these basketball players too many therefore results of their performances didn't impress?

- In my opinion, at the beginning of Hlebovitski's season I was one of leaders of our team. Game time I received more, than in the Riga club. But there Michal got used to play more often, than to train. Our practice with one match in a week is convenient only for teams-participants of Euro cups. Later the basketball player the former trauma began to exasperate few months. As a result, indicators decreased, Hlebovitski became more rare to come to a platform.
Uilkinz didn't make impression from the very beginning. But, as it joined team literally from wheels, decided to provide it time for acclimatization. And only then came to a conclusion that it won't strengthen our structure.

We rested more hopes upon Montgomery. In total - I spent some seasons in Poland, I played much and I hammered. It appeared that he is disturbed by an injury of a knee. After medical examination and he left Nikolaev.

Other business Blair. In some debut, and also spring matches it proved that quite could show in America that statistics which appears in its sports file. Because when we reported to Blair's agent about the relation of his client to trainings, a mode and loadings, that even across the ocean was able "to encourage" so the recent graduate of university that Ljubo's some time - was expensive to look at it. But such splashes in its work on trainings and performances during games were unfortunately very rare. And by the end of its season the old injury of a knee began to disturb very strongly.

All these relative personnel failures, on the one hand, gave us valuable experience of selection work. And with another - the fate eventually smiled to us in the person of Dzharrius Jackson. Young and already skilled, including game in Ukraine, capable and hard-working, strong and decent. Generally, I won't begin to overpraise, but fans could estimate, it is how useful Dzharrius played for our team.

Not at once all estimated advantage of the invitation at Leonid Yaylo's team. The fighter to the core, he even on trainings gives all the best more than others. Can be indignant if someone, in his opinion, works as a row with the prokhladtsy. And Leonid began to show the best game in the second half of the championship and in the ply - офф.When handed over Hlebovitski, Gilevich went to Odessa, Blair didn't find stability.

- By the way, about Gilevich …

- Vanya in our team was one of leaders. When we won, its contribution was powerful - on the hammered points, selections, an efficiency rating.

But he decided to leave our club and got over to Odessa. However the team didn't begin to play worse. The matter is that "big" in team was four, plus Onufriyev. And according to our schemes at the same time there are on a platform usually two of them. Distributed Gilevich's load among others - and found a way out.

- As - that so conversation developed that at first talked about visitors. And after all our team is formed round those basketball players who not act one year in club.

- Sasha Rayevsky spent a normal season for himself. Though initially I planned that Tonchenko was the main first number of our team, and Sasha came for replacement. But while Vlad sat on a bench in the national team, Sasha was prepared for the championship much better and carried out it at good level. When it happened to it to gather 5 fouls, we very often started having problems with the game organization.

- There is such supervision on life: to learn as far as to you with the person well, look as far as without him - it is bad.

- I hammered Rajevski, of course, less former, but I brought to a productive throw of partners more often. Serious injuries at it didn't happen, and with others such as it, play "while hands - feet are".

If Sasha in interests of team has to smother often in himself a syndrome of the leader, Tonchenko, at opportunity, it would be necessary to impart "an instinct of the winner". After all in the junior European championship in Riga it was the basic playing our national team and all issues on the age resolved quite competently. And something prevents to open the potential in the Ukrainian championship to it. There is an experience, including international, strongly plays separate matches, almost always copes with tasks in protection. Only when performing conductor's functions it doesn't have enough aggression.

Sergey Gladyr became the most productive player of our team. I will notice that it was for it the first season entirely spent in the main structure. Last year he at the same time supported and a double. On a platform he is able - to throw, give in precisely all, independently to come to a position and to be protected. Despite age, Sergey had to solve problems facing team.Sometimes it managed it, sometimes - No. After all rivals paid to its guardianship special attention. I believe, he can write down this season to itself(himself) in an asset. Though as the trainer, I consider, Sergey could play more strongly. But in 20 years it is difficult to concentrate only on basketball.

Igor Silkovsky so strongly added last spring, as in the national team him invited, and in club on it counted very seriously. However, without having got to structure of a national team, Igor as - that lost confidence of the forces. And its positions are played by Gladyr, invited Uilkinza, Montgomery, Jackson. And all the same it reminded more than once of itself(himself), generally exact series of tryulnik.

When I say to basketball players that I recognize their right for a mistake - let don't look back at a bench at a miss - that almost first of all I carry these words to Silkovsky. After all it comes to a platform not in order that someone could drink waters, and play and hammer. His confidence of importance of the role on a platform - one of essential reserves of strengthening of a play of the team.

In due time the similar complex pursued also Onufriyev. Alexey's invitation in national team, election as the captain of Nikolaev - the best proof that appreciate his basketball talent on advantage. For already mentioned reasons Onufriyev couldn't be prepared properly for a season, made up already on a course of competitions. He always trains and plays on a platform at full capacity. If feels that I am not ready for 100 percent, helps partners. When sees that that can't get rid of guardianship, solves an episode. Alexey from category of basketball players responsible, reliable.

And such players as Vadim Norenko, Maxim Shepil and Vsevolod Shurmel, in the next season have to knock at the door of the main structure of MBK "Nikolaev" more actively.

- Thanks for interview!


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