Repair of tram ways forces nikolayevets to jump

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On crossing of streets of Decembrists and Budennogo here is carried out three weeks repair of tram ways. Certainly, replacement of old rails by the new - business good. For trams. And for pedestrians?

This tram knot as we were told in "Nikolayevelektrotrans" dispatching office - unique: here all city routes meet. From all directions the intersection stops are located moreover and the small market was right there sheltered. And movement of pedestrians here reminds an ant hill.

In the last three weeks - very alarmed as all are compelled to jump literally through the dug-up holes and new rails. And after all on them also trams move, it is necessary so to jump fast... And how many it will proceed?

The chief engineer of KP "Nikolayevelektrotrans" Vasily YAROSLAVSKY reported that forty percent of works are executed today, and all on planned repair 70 days are taken away. Perhaps we will be in time quicker...

Vasily Nikolaevich added that in their management from inhabitants of complaints didn't arrive, on a site where works are carried out, 48 precautionary signs which initially coordinated with GAI are established. Drivers are warned, jams aren't present.

And about pedestrians, seemingly, forgot?

- We have complaints from inhabitants only on conducting night works: the crane creates a lot of noise. And what to do, one night people won't have a sleep, but then it will be better.

According to the chief engineer, in Nikolaev of such repair 50 percent of tram ways demand, but this year the city council allocated money only for this site, 2 million 309 thousand hryvnias.

- In further plans - overhaul of ways from Budenny St. to Zashchuk St. Next year similar repair on crossing of streets of Decembrists and Potemkinskaya is planned.


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