For the first four days of summer, on the eve of a beach season, four persons rolled in the Nikolaev area, since the beginning of year water took away 23 victims, counting proceeds …

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With approach of hot weather in the Nikolaev area accidents on water became frequent. People started bathing in reservoirs, forgetting about the elementary safety rules. Often the death happens from - for carelessness of people. Almost daily on water one person perishes. Only in four days (on June 1-4) in regional nuclear heating plantandfour accidentsare recorded, reportsThe center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area

So, on June 3 at eight o'clock in the evening two inhabitants of the village of Zhovtnevoye, the Domanevsky area, coming back home after work to reduce a way, decided to cross the river. One man undressed and, holding things in hand, floated, another and went to water the dressed. However, the become wet clothes started pulling the man on a bottom and he decided to return to the coast to remove it. After that nobody saw the man … For carrying out search works to the place of the tragedy rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Domanevsky area left. However, coast inspection results didn't yield. Body 27 - ми the summer man the resident found next day Pervomaisk which by means of own aqualung helped to carry out search works.

And in Nikolaev, on June 4 at 06:20 on the river bank the Southern Bug near boat station "Neptun", the body 61 - the summer woman without signs of violent death was found. The body is delivered in a forensic medical examination of the city of Nikolaev.

Everything, since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area the water elements took away life already 23 inhabitants, from them four children.

To avoid similar cases, from service Ministry of Emergency Situations scheduled maintenance is constantly carried out. But the main mistake of people is that everyone considers that the such can happen to anyone, but only not to it.

Therefore, having a rest on water, it is necessary to remember: water doesn't forgive imprudence. And in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to remember security measures always:

bathing shouldn't take place on not equipped places;

it is impossible to leave children without supervision of seniors or parents;

it is better to bathe several times for 15-20 min. - when cooling there can be spasms, occur respiratory standstill and consciousness loss;

it isn't necessary to enter or jump in water after long stay on the sun as when cooling in water there comes the reduction of muscles leading to cardiac arrest;

it is impossible to enter water in an alcohol intoxication as the alcohol blocks the sosudosuzhayushchy and vasodilating center of a brain;

it isn't allowed to dive from bridges, moorings, piers, to swim up to close passable boats, boats, vessels;

You remember, the neglect these rules can lead to traumatizing or death.


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