In Nikolaev activists revealed the underground game hall – his administrator snatched on the journalist "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"

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In the afternoon on Saturday, July 25, in Nikolaev the administrator of the underground game hall disguised under an Internet cafe, Yulia Vitkolovskaya attacked the journalist of the edition «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» Andrey Lokhmatov.

As the journalist reported, at 16:40 he on an editorial task arrived to the underground game hall which is to the address Lenin Avenue, 69. It was revealed by activists of public formation «Cordon». Before causing to the place of police officers for documenting of the fact, they tried to play on machine guns and won 20 hryvnias.

On arrival into place as Lokhmatov noted, he began to photograph the building in which there is it «Internet cafe». The girl who as it became clear, is the administrator of an institution got to a shot. It began to demand from the journalist to remove the photo immediately. The journalist explained to her that according to Art. 307 of the Civil code it is in a public place, so its consent to carrying out photographing is automatically allowed. 

- The consent of the person to its shooting to a photo - cinema - a body - or a video film is allowed if shootings are carried out openly on the street, at meetings, conferences, meetings and other actions of public character, - it is told regarding 1 article 307 of the Civil code of Ukraine. 

However, the girl didn't react to it: when the journalist came into the room and continued to remove already inside, the girl in the presence of about 10 witnesses snatched on it, trying to pull out from his hands the camera, thus threatening to break it. Lokhmatov warned her about criminal liability for activity preventing to the journalist (article 171 of the Criminal code of Ukraine), having shown the editorial certificate. But the girl didn't calm down, tried to pull out the certificate and by force began to push out it from the room everything with the same threat:

- I now will break to you this camera!

As a result into place I was the task force of militia caused, and Lokhmatov wrote the corresponding application for preventing of its professional lawful journalistic activity. 

She in reply wrote the application, claiming at first that Lokhmatov pushed her, and then already in the presence of police officers began to say that he beat her. Thus it showed to militiamen a foot scratch. It is remarkable that already in the presence of law enforcement authorities, Sokolovskaya continued to threaten the journalist. 

We will note that, according to activists of public formation «Cordon» , at the very beginning of Yulia Vitkolovskaya after they documented on video her illegal activity in the sphere of game business, declared to them that she from Donetsk, tried to threaten with the fact of that of Besides, into place there came her father on the car with Donetsk numbers «AN 9016 ІВ». The driver of this car also in a rough form began to demand from the journalist the Internet - editions «News of N» to remove photos of this car.

In turn, police officers also adopted the statement from members of OF  «Cordon» concerning illegal activity of the slot machine hall. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported how the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov declared war to slot machine halls and to chiefs of the Department of Internal Affairs, gambling institutions, as immediate dismissal from a position will work at the territory at whom. It is known that the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area is Vitaly Goncharov.

Катерина Вовченко

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