30% of the Nikolaev recreation facilities aren't ready to a summer season. During their checks, for violation of the rules of fire safety, 72 officials are attracted to an adminotvetstvennost

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Every year, in the summer, the majority of people tries to spend holidays in improving institutions and recreation facilities. However, not always rest can be safe. As the statistics, throughout seasons of rest of 2003-2008 testifies, in the Nikolaev area in the territory of recreation areas and improvement there were 10 emergency situations and 17 fires as a result of which a number of the facts of death and traumatizing of people is registered. About it reports Propogangda GU'S Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

That rest of citizens was safe, owners and heads of objects of rest have to provide observance of rules of fire and technogenic safety on the subordinated objects of rest and improvement.

Today in the territory of the Black Sea coast of the Nikolaev area more than 230 recreation facilities and boarding houses which since March were carefully checked by the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with representatives of authorities and owners of recreation facilities are located. These checks showed that nearly 30% of above-mentioned objects are in an unsatisfactory fire-prevention and technogenic state, and they aren't ready to the beginning of a summer improving season.

The most rough violations, revealed during checks, there is non-performance by heads of objects of the majority of actions of capital and regime character. It: the equipment, repair and maintenance of the automatic fire alarm system, repair of internal and external fire-prevention water supply, processing of wooden and metal designs by means of fire protection, repair of evacuation illumination of improving cases, providing with primary fire extinguishing means according to norms.Throughout long time issues of introduction on objects of rest of systems of the notification of the personnel and vacationers aren't resolved of threat of emergence of fires and emergency situations of technogenic and natural character, providing the personnel and vacationers by means of individual protection.
Open there is also a question on repair of access roads to the sea and the equipment of platforms with a firm covering for a fence of sea water fire equipment. In many cases the firm covering is only to a beach zone, to water access roads and platforms are absent. Owing to building of the coast of Koblevo - the Rybakovsky recreation area during unauthorized and uncoordinated to the relevant services of performance of construction works, the minimum fire-prevention gaps between buildings decrease, drives for emergency and other special equipment are liquidated.

During checks for the allowed violations and not implementation of elementary fire safety regulations, to administrative responsibility it was brought 72 officials responsible for a fire-prevention condition of specified objects, operation of 33 buildings and constructions, 197 rooms and over 800 sites of the power supply network is suspended.

Except implementation of the fire safety regulations, every year more actual there is a safety issue on water, arrangement of places of mass rest by saving posts and stations, after all the quantity of situations which arise on water water areas of area, constantly increases.

Statistically, every year during the period from May to August, on water about 80-85% of people of total of victims perish, and the main reasons remain non-compliance with rules of behavior on water, bathing in the forbidden places and is able alcoholic опьянения.¬ throughout the improving period of 2008, on the Black Sea coast only 65% of necessary quantity of seasonal saving posts functioned.

Except questions of preventive character disturbs also a state of affairs on ensuring appropriate response to possible situations or fires. Important there is a question of creation of a local fire brigade in Rybakovk's village as the next State fire brigade No. 34 is in пгт. Berezanka at distance of 35 km. In case of any situation or a fire of a rescue of rescuers will be come to wait from 30 to 40 minutes. And the question on construction of the fire station in Rybakovk's village remains meanwhile on paper.Also remains open and a question on the organization of watch of fire trucks during a summer improving season in recreation areas of the Black Sea coast.


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