N. Postupalsky: "Water never forgives to negligence"

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Behind a window summer. There is a wish to leave the apartment more and more and to go on the nature, mostly to the river. All know that water - a miracle cure of improvement of an organism. Bathing gives to the person physical and moral satisfaction, helps to get rid of stresses. However, rest on area reservoirs constantly brings tragedies. Since the beginning of June doesn't pass also day that the sad statistics of the tragedy on water didn't replenish with new victims. Every day in the Ministry of Emergency Situations messages on victims or on providing the help to the person on water arrive. Therefore that rest would bring pleasure, came to tell time about water, about those problems which exist with rescue on water, and also about rules of behavior of people on reservoirs. With all these questions we addressed to the chief of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Nikolay Postupalsky.

- Nikolay Ivanovich, tell, please, nearly an every day in mass media there are materials that where - that the person or the child drowned. What situation developed in area on reservoirs?

- Yes, with approach of hot weather nearly an every day we receive the message on victims on water, about people who need the help. Since the beginning of year in area on water 31 persons, from them 7 children were lost! Behind dry figures of statistics there is someone's lost life, and especially terrifies when it is life of the child. Only since the beginning of June on water 10 people, from them 3 children were lost.

- Tell, please, what today the main reasons for death of people on reservoirs?

- Water never forgives to negligence. Today among adults drunk bathing, non-compliance with rules of behavior on water and rest on beaches where there are no saving posts and stations are the main reasons of death. As it isn't surprising, 90% of total drowned, these are people who were able to swim. Therefore, among the main reasons for death self-confidence in the forces also is. Most often, especially men, after the use of alcohol having decided to try the hand, very far swim away or in general decide to cross the river. As a rule, such cases come to an end tragicly. And here among children's death the main reason there is a bathing without supervision of adults.Today it is the most topical issue as adults are responsible for life of children.

- Common truths that it is impossible to leave children without supervision that at the use of alcoholic beverages is better not to get into the water, it is necessary what to bathe only in places specially taken away for this purpose - have to force, apparently, people more more seriously and more responsibly treat rest on water. However, as the statistics testifies, don't force. Nikolay Ivanovich what the robot is carried out from the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations according to the prevention of death of people on water?

- If nikolayevets so carefree belong to own safety and life, this question very much disturbs the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Constant reminders through mass media of desirable result don't give therefore the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations constantly carries out road inspections of vacation spots of people, so-called "wild beaches", officially established places for bathing, and also readiness of saving posts and stations for actions to destination. Precautionary signs and signs of a ban are established in all vacation spots on water, but people don't pay to them attention. They aren't frightened also also by a condition of the coastline and a river bed. Though it is necessary to remind that, in - the first, on such "wild" beaches aren't present saving posts therefore the professional help to the sinking person if necessary couldn't be made. In - the second, the territory and a bottom of spontaneous places of bathing isn't surveyed and not checked that threatens life and health of vacationers.

- And what work is carried out by authorities on safe rest of the population?

- I want to notice that on May 20 this year at meeting of the commission on questions TEB and emergency at the Nikolaev regional state administration the question of readiness of rescue services, stations and seasonal posts to actions to destination was considered, tasks of preparation of vacation spots of the population on water objects by the beginning of a summer season were set. Also the plan of measures on prevention of death of people on water objects of the Nikolaev area during the summer period of 2009 was approved. In the plan a number of organizational and practical actions which local authorities need to execute, by definition of vacation spots of people on water and to their reduction in an appropriate state is planned.Also, according to the decision of the commission on questions TEB and emergency, till June 19 all regional and city administrations have to accept at the level the order on prevention of death of people on water objects on the territorial units and define possible places for mass rest of people near reservoirs. According to calculations and the decision of the commission on questions TEB and emergency, in area have to function 3 abnormally - rescue services, 6 stationary round-the-clock and 46 seasonal saving posts.

- Nikolay Ivanovich and what has to be the official vacation spot on water?

According to Rules of protection of life of people on water objects of Ukraine, the official beach has to meet such requirements: in - the first, the coastal territory has to be well planned, equipped with toilets, locker rooms, is installed radio for finishing of necessary information and carrying out explanatory work among the population, stands with evident propaganda have to be established; in - the second, the bottom of the water area of a beach has to be equal and dense with flat descent up to the depth of 1,75 meters, but 50 m aren't farther from the coast, and the heat border on the water area of a beach is designated by buoys of orange or red color. And the most important that before a swimming season the bottom of the water area has to be surveyed by divers - professionals and is cleared of foreign matters. And only after completion of works the passport of a beach which is signed by representatives of SES, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the environmental protection Ministries is formed. Beach operation without the developed and coordinated passport is strictly forbidden.

- Nikolay Ivanovich and where today nikolayevets can have a rest and what situation with beaches in area?

- In Nikolaev today it is possible to bathe only in one place - in the Central district it is a beach of "Shooter". Only there today the beach meets all requirements. And in area local authorities this year it is planned to create about 200 places of mass rest of people on water objects, from them 150 beaches, 6 of which within the city of Nikolaev. In 10 regions of area bathing in reservoirs in general is forbidden by decisions of executive authorities (in Arbuzinsky, Kazankovsky, Bereznegovatsky, Domanevsk, Snegirevsk, Bratsk, Veselinovsky, Vradiyevsky and Elanetsky areas).

- Companion general who has to create saving posts and who bears responsibility for life of people?

- Saving posts have to create the enterprises, establishments and the organizations to which the reservoir or a place of mass rest is assigned. Heads of the enterprises and the organizations who use reservoirs with the production, improving or sports purposes, bear personal responsibility for protection of life of people in borders of the fixed territory, equip and contain saving posts and provide them with the saving equipment.

- Means if the person came to a beach, and on it there is nothing from listed above, there it is impossible to bathe?

- Quite right, after all in case of any situation, on the instant professional help of people can not count. Therefore, in this case the proverb - rescue drowning - work of the most drowning … is very actual. Each nikolayevets has to solve itself where and how to carry out the rest and to remember the basic rules of safe behavior on water.

And what situation with saving posts on the Black Sea coast?

- Every year a safety issue on water, arrangement of places of mass rest by saving posts and stations on the Black Sea coast everything becomes more actual from - for number of incidents which arise on water water areas of area. After all statistically, every year during the period from May to August, on water about 80% of people of total of victims perish. Throughout the improving period of 2008, on the Black Sea coast only 65% of necessary quantity of seasonal saving posts functioned. This year in Koblevo - the Rybakovsky recreation area the coastline with the wood lot is transferred to long-term temporary use to one private enterprise. According to the master plan of development of the beach territory this enterprise bears full responsibility for safe rest of people on water in Koblevo - the Rybakovsky zone. Now the given enterprise conducted examination and clarification of a bottom of the fixed coastal strip, activity of saving posts and stations according to calculation is organized. Other measures, according to existing rules and rules are also executed.

- So, it is possible to consider, what rest on the Black Sea coast will be safe?

- Quite so.According to statistics, always in Koblevo - it was safer to Rybakovsky zone to have a rest, than in any other region of the Nikolaev area. I want to give an example: last year this enterprise had only 4 saving posts and forces of the posts provided the help and rescued people on water more than 40 times. This year, according to calculations, such posts will be 12 therefore, I consider, rest on the Black Sea coast will be the safest.

- Well and at last, Nikolay Ivanovich, what basic rules of behavior on water have to be observed citizens in order that rest didn't turn back trouble?

- The basic rules which each citizen has to remember - rest on water is allowed only in specially taken away by local authorities and the places equipped for this purpose where there are saving posts and stations. It isn't necessary to bathe and dive in unfamiliar places and on "wild" beaches, especially to do this drunk. At all don't leave children without supervision, their behavior in water not preseen.

To have a rest on water it is allowed only in light part of days and in quiet windless weather at water temperature not less than +18 °C, air - isn't below +24 °C. Avoid water with a rapid current, never swim one, especially if aren't sure of the forces; it is necessary to enter water slowly, carefully trying a bottom a foot. Who has no skills of swimming - it is necessary to use means of rescue and the help, such as circles, vests and other.

Be very careful during rest on water that it was for you and your children safe. All the time strictly observe councils of rescuers!

- I thank you, Nikolay Ivanovich, for interesting and substantial conversation.

I wrote down S. Vodolaga


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