The city power Nikolaeva seeks to clamp businessmen?

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At the public hearings which have taken place today, 26-го June, in a sessional hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the draft decision of city council "About the adoption of Provision on an order of providing permissions to placement of structures and constructions socially - cultural, household, trade and other purpose" was discussed. Here objects of business which provide services in the sphere of trade, rest, entertainments, a gaming, etc.

mean, first of all,

This draft decision caused the mass of contradictions between his developers (department of questions of trade of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies) and the Nikolaev businessmen.

- Permission which is given to businessmen for implementation of trade activity, now want to give out only for one year, - the chairman of representation of the state committee on business regulation in the Nikolaev area Valery Vetrov commented to the correspondent of "News of N". - The same object can't take place every year. It takes place once. The second problem is that want to make additional duty of this permission. Laws share permissions and collecting, taxes. Problem of taxes and fees - to fill up the budget. The problem of permission is that the object took place according to the established rules and norms.

According to Vetrov, businessmen this draft decision are offered to renew annually all documents, to pass anew coordination of all instances and services. Besides, the mass of concepts which aren't defined by the law - for example, is entered into the draft decision business opening, placement of little tables, stools about outlets.

- Such methods the power of the city seeks to clamp rigidly businessmen, - Valery Vetrov continues. - Why - that is separately allocated with Sovetskaya St., there a separate order of delivery of permissions. In the draft decision there are a lot of points to which we have claims.

However and at authorities the mass of claims to businessmen collected.

- Many portable objects of trade turned for a long time in stationary, - the head of department of questions of trade of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Andrey Yakovlev explained. - Nobody moves away them for the night as it was meant initially.

And according to the deputy of the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukhi, it is frequent in those places where it was initially planned to sell something one, brisk business by something another, at times even liqueur - vodka products on which sale obtaining the special license is required starts being done.

Representatives of the city power consider that this draft decision they, on the contrary, move towards small and medium business. Andrey Yakovlev claims that, according to the new requirements stated in the draft decision, excess bureaucratic barriers to businessmen are cleaned. For example, to get permission to trade implementation, businessmen shouldn't provide excerpt from the charter where kinds of activity would be provided in a number of documents. And the annual payment for the permission delivery, established of 340 UAH, will go not to pockets of officials or "to Kiev", and to city budget - that is, is equated to local collecting.

- 340 hryvnias in a year aren't that payment which will affect in any way revenues, - Andrey Yakovlev told businessmen.

He is convinced that the power has to have a leverage on businessmen, "that there was no chaos in the city".

10-го July session of the Nikolaev city council for which this draft decision will be submitted will take place. Until its carrying out will pass repeated hearings at which the power will study requirements of businessmen concerning the draft decision. The management of tax administration and the Ministry of Emergency Situations which today wasn't will be invited to repeated hearings.


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