The dream of reason gives rise monsters: why people are afraid of towers of mobile communication?

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Mobile communication stopped being long ago luxury. It is need from which the modern person can't get to anywhere.

In the world about 1,4 million base stations, more thanare operated today37 000from which are placed in Ukraine. In our country isalready more than 55,4 million subscribersdifferent mobile operators. Level of nominal penetration of cellular communication in Ukraine makes more than120%. In 10 years of using mobile communication the number of subscribers increased in 1000 of times in comparison with 1997.

And demand, as we know, gives rise to the offer. Therefore every year networks of mobile operators grow in Ukraine, winning the increasing covering, but also the number of operators allows to choose.

The number of complaints to towers of mobile communication grows in a geometrical progression - base stations also. Physicians even define this fear, as a radio phobia - fear of electromagnetic radiation. Characteristic symptoms - to complain of a headache and feeling sick, having caught sight close of a communication tower. A significant amount of base stations and deficiency of information on the principles of work of the telecommunication equipment often cause in society concern of rather possible influence of electromagnetic radiations (in abbreviated form - EMI) on a human body. Electromagnetic field any electric devices possess, beginning from habitual low-power household appliances - refrigerators, microwave ovens, and also base stations and finishing such powerful sources of EMI, as the teleradio centers.

For ensuring electromagnetic safety of the population of Ukraine with the order MOZ of Ukraine of 01.08.96, No. 239 were approved"The state sanitary standards and rules of protection of the population from influence of electromagnetic radiations".This document is key and regulates installation and operation of base stations of mobile communication.

According to sanitary standards,level of electromagnetic radiation from base stations shouldn't exceed 2,5 ¼¬éÔ/cm2. Is interesting that fact that the EMI maximum permissible levels for BS are much lower granichno - admissible levels (PDU) for a body - and radio antennas, and also some household appliances (for example, microwave ovens). It should be noted that in Ukraine the most rigid norms of electromagnetic radiation in comparison with other countries of Europe are established:

  • Ukraine - 2,5 ¼¬éÔ/cm2
  • Russia - 10 ¼¬éÔ/cm2
  • Scandinavia - 100 ¼¬éÔ/cm2
  • Hungary - 10 ¼¬éÔ/cm2

That is, if you go to Russia, you remember, there radiation level four times exceeding ours is considered norm.

In Ukraine continuous control over work of base stations, both at their installation, and at further operation is carried out by bodies sanitarno - epidemiological service.

The question of possible influence of EMI on health of the person is for a long time under careful supervision of world community. A row scientifically - research institutes and the international organizations, conducting of which -is engaged in studying of the matterWorld Health Organization (WHO).

Today the only scientifically established consequence of influence of EMI on a human body is body temperature increase on 1 °C at influence of fields of a high tension which exist at some industrial enterprises.Moreover, EMI from base stations are not ionizing by the nature anddon't destroy molecular structure of a biological material.

As a result of a large number of the conducted researches any of them didn't confirm the fact of negative influence of low-power radiation of BS on health of the person.

At the same time, scientists agree in opinion that проблема influences of EMI on health of the person has the psychological nature.The emotional person is really capable to feel state deterioration, being near a base station. And as proves a number of experiments, the reason of it is auto-suggestion and suspiciousness.

But not to be unfounded,the Kiyevstar company provided for experiment the base station in Nikolaev on which settle down the whole three antennas - "Kiyevstar", to Life: ) and MTS.Besides, this BS is located less than in hundred meters from a house on Noyabrskaya St., 1. The tower costs there since 2005, consumes the electric power as two irons, and have six transmitters, everyone them which can serve on 7 subscribers a second.

RepresentativeAlexander Shtil showed to the central sanepidemstantion of the Ministry of health protection of Ukraine the device - the measuring instrument of level of electromagnetic radiations.We will remind that agrees to the Ukrainian standards, level of electromagnetic radiation from base stations shouldn't exceed 2,5 ¼¬éÔ/cm2.And sodirectly under a base station the device showed 0,13 ¼¬éÔ/cm2, near the house located less, than in 100 m from BS, the device showed from 0,11 to 0,16 ¼¬éÔ/cm2.Then journalists, representatives of the company and a sanstantion rosein flight between the fifth and sixth floor of this house also recorded indicators at the level of a tower - the device showed 0,33 ¼¬éÔ/cm2.

Thenjournalists decided to test for a miracle - the device the mobile phones. At the time of connection with the mobile operator (as soon as the call went) on old model of one phone I recorded the radiation of electromagnetic waves 141 (!) ¼¬éÔ/cm2- that almost in one thousand hundred times exceeds the radiation of a base station.New models of phones showed from 13 to 36 ¼¬éÔ/cm2. Therefore experts advised to receive a call not at once near an ear, and having waited after communication literally second. Bluetooth will reduce radiation still four times.

Than base stations to each other are closer located, that they work at smaller power also as that smaller level of radiation from antennas. As the radius of a zone of influence is insignificant, the power of transmitters is insignificant. For comparison: radio - and teletransferring antennas radiate energy in tens and hundreds times big as cover considerable territories - all city or part of area.

For providing qualitative mobile communication of the antenna always go so that the main energy from them was focused in a thin beam (similar to a searchlight beam)also it wasn't crossed with nearby houses. Moreover, the beam always is directed aside from buildings on which BS (by the principle of an umbrella) are directly located. Radiation "down", on residents of the house, is excluded.Thus, apartments of houses on which BS antennas are installed, are absolutely safe from the point of view of impact on the population of electromagnetic radiations.

Installation and input of a base station in operation - long and under control process. From the moment of planning of a new base station and before its input in operation the mobile operator has toto collect more than 12 allowing documents of the relevant instances.

Control over construction of a base station and its further work carries out a number of government bodies.

The main of them are:

GASK - controls observance of construction norms;

The Ministry of Emergency Situations - controls observance of standards of fire safety;

UChN - controls work at a demanded frequency;

SES - controls observance of the EMI maximum permissible levels, safe for health of the person.

The main document which confirms that the base station is safe for health of the population and includes EMI calculations, the sanitary passport is. Introduction in operation of a base station is carried out only after its delivery by SES bodies.

Last year in Ukraine 41 807 polytypic objects - sources of electromagnetic radiation were registered. From them only 37 thousand - stations of mobile communication.The rest - military locators, beacons and other installations. BS are according to plan checked annually, besides - before introduction in operation. At these moments sometimes find violations of standards - in volume of wine of the contractors who have undertaken installation of station - where - that hastened, something didn't consider. Malfunctions improve, and only when final tests recognize a tower harmless - the station is put into operation.

To us to live in this world stuffed with electronics, confused by the world wide web, stuck round by satellites and penetrated by radio waves. Therefore you shouldn't be afraid of it. It is necessary to tame it. Inany case if a tower having spoiled your window it seems to you ominous - safely address in a sanepidemtsantion and you ask the operator of a tower to provide allowing documentation.And then you sleep peacefully - a tower or it will be absolutely harmless, or it will repair, or will take down.


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