New data: view of the Catholic of the conflict between society of Poles and the Nikolaev church

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"Nikvestyam" additional data on the conflict between the Nikolaev Poles and a church became known. We will remind that between the head of regional society of PolesElizabeth Selyanskayaand the prior of Rome - Catholic churchfather Yaroslav Gizhitskythere were disagreements. The room of the building in which now there is a Museum of local lore became the reason for that. In spite of the fact that officially the building is given to a church, society of Poles applies for it. After the next dispute with the prior Elizabeth Selyanskaya caused militia "to calm down" the priest. Also we wrote that in Nikolaev two societies of Poles work.We will specify that society of Poles (on a national sign) in the Nikolaev area one. The second organization carries the name Society of the Polish culture "Polonium a semper фиделис".It unites Poles on an ethnic origin, and inhabitants of Nikolaev who are fond of the Polish culture irrespective of a national identity.

The chairman of the Nikolaev public organization told Society of the Polish culture to us about this organization and the conflict between Poles and a church "Polonium a semper фиделис"in more detailYury Korab.


Yury Korab- the journalist, the teacher of Polish at South Slavic institute. On religion - the Catholic.In the sort has the Polish roots - the great-great-grandfather on the maternal line.

Society of the Polish culture "Polonium semper фиделис"it is officially registered on April 1, 2009. Today unites 14 members, in the future plans to increase this figure. No office has, as well as the sponsor. Contact phone: 80673672110.

- Society of the Polish culture "Polonium the semper фиделис" has the right to unite all citizens of Ukraine irrespective of a nationality, - Yury Korab speaks. - The organization is urged to unite all people to whom the Polish and European cultural values, language, literature aren't indifferent. If, let us assume, Jews are interested in the Polish culture, we won't refuse to them membership in our organization.

- How you estimate the created conflict situation between regional society of Poles under Elizabeth Selyanskaya's leadership and the prior of a church father Yaroslav?

- I agree that a certain conflict is present. But even not backward character, and almost in the form of the conflict between neighbors. I agree with Elena Ivashko's opinion that is the personal conflict.

- You discussed current situation with Elizabeth Selyanskaya?

- She suggested me to meet personally for negotiations when learned that society of the Polish culture is registered. We met. She on the unclear bases for me counted our activity dissenting, immoral and not compatible to Christian values. After all Catholicism - religion which doesn't assume split between somebody.

- She stated this point of view as the head of board of the Polish society or personally from herself?

- It was personal meeting. But I then already was the head of board and she is a head of board. Therefore I think that it was opinion of the head of board. If the person has a certain position, he has to be responsible for the words. On the other hand, I explained her the position that society of the Polish culture isn't the Polish organization consisting of Poles. It can consist of Poles, and it will be fine, and can not consist of them. For an example I will give such organization, as fate - club.Unless this organization unites people on signs of a nationality, a floor or even religion? Or even if any musical sympathies? If someone is fond of classical music, but agrees to support and fate - music, what, the Nikolaev fate - the club will refuse to it membership? Probably, no.

- During negotiations with Elizabeth Selyanskaya you came to consensus?

- I offered in return cooperation. That is, if we have interesting actions, we invite them, suggested to organize actions in common. If they have something interesting, I too offered that we, thus, cooperated.

- They accepted your offer?

- Proceeding from article published on "Nikvestyakh", probably, not up to the end.

- Specify, whether Elizabeth Selyanskaya accepted you as society of the Polish culture and whether she agreed what it isn't dissenting?

- I so understand that isn't present.

- That is, she agreed to differ?

- Yes. I too agreed to differ - that we don't pursue the immoral aims.

- You communicated with rank-and-file members of society of Poles? Means not with board members.

- Just on this matter I preferred not to communicate, already from Elizabeth Gaysovna our activity not really good is considered time. I preferred not to excite neither it, nor other members of the Polish society. I have such question. In article it was specified that society of Poles applies for part of the room of the museum. And on the basis of what applies?

- According to Elizabeth Selyanskaya, on the basis of the oral arrangement with the previous priest.

- The oral arrangement means nothing. You never know, today I told one to you, and tomorrow I suddenly changed the mind - there can be any motives. There can be really bad motives, and there can be normal, economic motives. It is possible to give such example. You brought the lodger. And over time the lodger started applying or for all your apartment or for the room. As though you treated it? I think, the same happened and to the prior. If there were no written contracts, probably, so it isn't necessary to arrive.

- Elizabeth Selyanskaya is revolted that in a church against her signatures gathered.

- Really signatures in support of the prior and the societies of Poles directed against the chairman which were sent to Consulate of Poland in Odessa gathered.Because the father Yaroslav is the citizen of Poland.

- Elizabeth Selyanskaya says that there were persecutions on those who didn't want to subscribe. Whether so it?

- Wasn't. I didn't want to subscribe.

- Also didn't subscribe?

- No. I didn't want and don't want even now.

- As far as I understood, the relations with the father Yaroslav at you very warm?

- Well, I too so would tell. Good.

- Whether you behind it noticed that immoral behavior about which Elizabeth Selyanskaya spoke?

- On the basis of what Elizabeth Selyanskaya so speaks? If she the person at a position, it has to be responsible for the words. Where these facts confirming what there was such behavior? I think, the person has to show proofs. I not that didn't notice such behavior from the priest, I wasn't present thus. In your article there was such thought stated by Elizabeth Selyanskaya that society of Poles normally cooperated with the previous priest, and came new, and everything departed head over heels. Actually at the father Yaroslav it is the second cadence. It already worked before in the Nikolaev church. Then other priest came. Then again the father Yaroslav came. And so, during the first cadence of the father Yaroslav too there was a normal cooperation with society of Poles and as far as to me memory doesn't change, with the same chairman of the board. Why at repetition arrival of the prior the conflict began, I simply don't understand. If it is really personal conflict, I don't want to interfere with it. Nevertheless, this situation is already submitted for general discussion. I for that the conflict in general was resolved.

- How you see a resolution of conflict? Whether it is possible in general?

- I think, it is possible, if this small incident. In my opinion, it is possible to resolve the conflict by negotiations and an explanation that there are no two Polish societies. There is a society of Poles and society of the Polish culture.


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