"On the carpet" GAI hauled up the "zaletchik" which have ignored checkup, among them psychiatric hospital, libraries and "A red cross"

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Today, on July 3, the meeting at which were present the deputy head of department of GAI at the Nikolaev area Sergey Bondarenko, the head of department of GAI of the city of Nikolaev Alexander Tsarelnik, the head of department of autotechnical inspection of Management of GAI in the Nikolaev area and the chief of city autotechnical inspection Vasily Hizhnyak, and also the head of department of property taxes took place. They hauled up "on the carpet" the enterprises and the organizations which didn't pass checkup in time put by it.

It is interesting that such enterprises, as city museum of local lore, management госкомзема, Kropivnitsky and Gmyrev's libraries, BTI, management concerning execution of punishments, an oblavtodor, city hospital No. 4, a gorpsikhbolnitsa No. 1, "Nikolayevkniga", justice GU, forestry management, regional federation of soccer, "A red cross", linear station, regional stomatology, association of churches, a gosgorpromnadzor, maternity hospital No. 2, some banks and other "flew".

Sergey Bondarenko declared that, despite of various information and hearings on checkup cancellation, it isn't cancelled, not postponed, and checkup was, is and will be. Therefore recommended to hasten with its passing, and I reminded that everyone had time at the beginning of a year to submit an application for that time of passing of checkup which is convenient to the car owner. Who didn't make it - is compelled to submit to the terms established by GAI.


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