In the anti-terrorist operation zone military were compelled to open fire at the car, whose driver arranged races through a post

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In one of front villages in a zone of Anti-terrorist operation the 51-summer local twice at a speed flew by through a post and on its car military were compelled to open fire. As a result of incident a gunshot wound was got by the girlfriend a grief - the driver.

About it in the «Facebook» the volunteer, the member of mobile group on fight against smuggling Rodion Shovkoshitny wrote. 

«You live in the front village, you 51, you are slightly limited and is a little moronic, difficultly to surprise women with something? Don't despair! There is a checked option to make the first appointment unforgettable! You take the woman and «you cover» it. And itself. In stuff to the 8th evening. You get it into the car and at a high speed you fly by a post. Without stopping. You receive after turn. And extreme charge. Your woman squalls! No, it not horror and fear! Of course, it is delight! You do so: «Yukhuuu! Ah ** but! It is necessary once again!» Are developed and once more! Receive one more turn! The woman squalls! It delighted! You are happy with yourself and on the punched tire you squeeze out 70 kilometers from the car, trying to disappear from mobile group».

«Ditch. You are hit a helmet in the face! The woman squalls at the car! Still, after all it has a delight. After all to it just the bullet got to a sacrum! Flatwise, truth. Will go. One more got to the car absolutely nearby from the head. It is ready! You made impression!» , - the volunteer told. 

We will remind that last night terrorists on Donbass 33 times opened provocative fire towards positions of AFU, including opened fire from 120 mm of mortars twice.

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