Vodoprovodno - sewer economy it is dangerously to work at the Nikolaev objects

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Consideringhigh level of traumatism when working in wells and collectors, the territorial administration of the Gosgorpromnadzor in the Nikolaev area calls owners and workers of objects vodoprovodno - sewer economy it is obligatory to adhere to rules of performance of these works. Not to neglect at all means of individual protection, before work in a well to carry out the previous airing.

On norms of labor protection each employee of crew which performs works in wells, cameras or channels through passage has to have individual precautionary belt and a rope with the carbine which length on two meters has to exceed the well depth, an isolating gas mask with a hose to 12 meters. When working in all rooms the corresponding air atmosphere and normal temperature in all working rooms has to be created.

Most often a cause of the tragedy is the irresponsible relation to the organization and performance of work. Be careful, protect the lives and health, and also the one who works with a row.

All enterprises have similar problems. The main of them is a wear of the equipment, equipment which from - for the age poses real threat for life and human health which work with it. The problem is represented by pipes. Only in some farms the main and adjustable lines replaced with plastic. In others continue to work old which often need under repair. Test of the equipment and load-lifting mechanisms isn't carried out. Constructions are in an accident condition. Workers who perform dangerous works in wells, underground rooms aren't provided with appropriate means of individual protection, gas analyzers.

And in addition workers don't pass appropriate instructing before performance of work of the increased danger.And some enterprises at all have no permission from bodies of the Gosgorpromnadzor on performance of such works. According to the chief of the territorial administration, one of major factors which leads to accidents, the organizational reason is. On the majority of the checked enterprises the personnel which at all wasn't trained also check concerning labor protection is allowed to work.

Not less important is the problem of work of ventilation. On the majority of the enterprises it is in an accident condition. While has to provide not less than 12-multiple air circulation for 1 hour. When working in all rooms the corresponding air atmosphere and normal temperature in all working rooms has to be created.


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