Today on ChSZ put not self-propelled barge for the English company

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Whether will be able to renew ChSZ the reputation of the ship-building giant?

As of June, by data a press - regional state administration services, the Black Sea shipbuilding plant has the greatest debt on a salary among the area enterprises - 4 million 491,7 thousand UAH. It is rumored that plant it will be sold to "Nibulon".

Nevertheless, today the plant works. Vessel which put last year, promise to hand over in September, and financing of construction is conducted from own means - the customer will pay off upon.

The plant is adjusted on, that to build envelopes for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Though seriously to speak about it it will be possible only after carrying out the tender.

- I consider that this plant is ready more than any plant - the competitor to implementation of this order, - the general director of ChSZ Dmitry Mordovenko is convinced.

And today, on July 24, on ChSZ the solemn laying of not self-propelled barge of the B616 project for the companytook place"Bue Marine"(Great Britain).


The vessel is intended for transportation in specially converted holds of boring slime which is formed when drilling oil wells. The order is carried out by joint effortsGAKH OF "CHSZ"andJSC Port — Service.

Dmitry Mordovenko

- Contract with the customer"Bue Marine"it was signed two years ago, - the general directorspeaksJSC Port — Service Valery Morozov. - The customer had certain difficulties, but in July of this year we got down to work. According to the schedule descent to water of the case of a vessel will take place on September 30. On October 10 it has to leave to the customer. The second order is planned to put in August of this year. Delivery - on May 31 the next year. Also we discuss two orders, however, other project with the same customer. It becomes known of it after negotiations more precisely. The customer wants complete vessels.

The barge length, which bookmark took place today, - 71,9 m, width - 14,5 m, a deposit - 2,5 m, deadweight about 1200 tons. The project of the barge is developed by Proyektno - the ChSZ design center. Features of a design are the mechanized hatch closing, and also svayno - the stopping device intended for fixing of a vessel on shoal. The barge has strengthened ice a class. Freight transfer on the coast is carried out on pipes by means of air of a high pressure.

- In this project"Port - Service"is the main partnerCHSZ, - I commentedDmitry Mordovenko. - ChSZ performs engineering works, works on порезке metal as the subcontractor "Port - Service". Plus we played a key role in resolving a situation which developed with"Bue Marine"two years ago. Thanks to negotiations which were held, this contract became possible.

Director general of plantDmitry Mordovenkoit is optimistic. In the next two years it plans to carry out enterprise restructuring.

- It is necessary to make a lot of things because the plant was constructed in Soviet period for absolutely other economic conditions, - he told. - Now we have to compete with global manufacturers. In the majority of the countries of the world there is very serious state support of shipbuilding as tax, credit, customs privileges. In Ukraine it isn't present. Respectively, we have also no price advantage.Problem of restructuring of plant in arranging production as shipbuilding plants around the world work.The plant will be mobile. Through two - three years at us will be the production.

It is necessary to pay tribute, during crisis, according to the director, any person wasn't dismissed. Though some workers left at own will. However today the staff deficit at the enterprise isn't present, claimsDmitry Mordovenko.

In August the State property fund of Ukraine plans to carry out an inspection on ChSZ which will show how affairs with investment obligations are. According toDmitry Mordovenko, investment obligations are carried out.


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