For yesterday evening the Nikolaev inspectors of GAI caught 11 drunk drivers (photo report)

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Friday, Saturday and Sunday is those days, when on roads of Nikolaev - revelry of drunk drivers. Therefore on Friday evening the center for public relations of GAI invited journalists to take part in raid - to look as inspectors struggle with "plague of roads" - drunk drivers.

Decided to become on the most "fish" place - the Pushkin ring. Two inspectors stopped drivers, checked documents, but serious violations weren't.

For that time while journalists watched work of inspectors, I became the most malicious violator 27 - summer Sergey on "Nissan". It didn't pass the pedestrian on "zebra" without traffic light.

Sergey admitted the guilt and signed the protocol on an administrative offense with a mark: "I broke not specially, I received the copy". The driver should pay 340 hryvnias of a penalty.

Soon the message on accident on Pushkin between Lenin Avenue and Admiral Makarov Street arrived. The GAI squad leaves into place, we - afterwards.

Across the road I stood Renault, a row - "VAZ". As the driver of "Zhiguli" told us, Renault left "pocket", the driver of a foreign car didn't notice his car, and crashed into "VAZ". The inspector reported that in this situation responsible for accident is the driver of Renault as didn't pass the car which moved on the main road.

The driver of a foreign car so was frightened of the run journalists that flatly refused to give comments.

This day we didn't see drunk drivers.

But, as the inspector of a separate company of traffic police on service of the administrative territorytoldMaxim Gushchin, one crew of GAI on the average reveals two drunk drivers for change. And change at inspectors lasts 12 hours. And after the 12-hour working day GAI officers don't sleep off two - three days of the house, and the next day take up in new change. Having such working conditions, the salary of inspectors makes 1 300 hryvnias a month.

As toldMaxim Gushchin, drivers offer bribes almost every day.

The minimum bribe which the driver offered the inspector, made 10 hryvnias. Maximum - 3 000 hryvnias.

In such cases the inspector is obliged to make the protocol. At two witnesses from the violator withdraw notes, copy their numbers, well further - under the law.

If a bribe offer at night when to find witnesses on the street - a problem, inspectors call two taxi drivers who become witnesses of withdrawal of a bribe.

While work of inspectors was watched by journalists, none of drivers didn't risk to offer a bribe.

We will return to raid.

On Friday for patrol there were 14 GAI squads (28 employees, eight patrol cars). In usual days (i.e. days of the minimum zapolonennost of the city drunk drivers) for patrol comes four - five crews.

As reported in the center for GAI public relations, from 16.00 Fridays and till 24.00 inspectors elicited 65 facts of violations on the road. Including caught 11 drunk drivers. Also during raid 1 fact of creation of an emergency, 1 violation of the rules of journey of intersections, 1 fact of journey on a red signal of the traffic light, 2 facts of violation of the rules of a stop - parking, and other violations is recorded.


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