In Nikolayevshchina the cigarette in a bed took away life of the thirty first victim

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On August 15 at 20:00 in the private house located in the settlement Kostychi of the Bashtansky region of the Nikolaev area there was a fire. Neighbors who revealed fire, saw near the house 70 - the summer pensioner of the host, took away it on safe distance and started extinguishing a fire by own efforts. In half an hour the fire was liquidated by fellows villager. By then the victim to which told recovered that in the house there is his wife. Unfortunately, the woman didn't manage to be rescued, she choked. Cause of the fire was not extinguished cigarette from which the bed started smoldering, at that time when owners fell asleep.

Smoking is the most common reason of fires with a deadly outcome. Danger to life arises when you smoke in a bed. To fall asleep with a cigarette on a sofa or in a chair - to sign to itself the death sentence. And if the person before it still took alcoholic drinks - that the tragedy is inevitable. Only in seven months 2009 in the Nikolaev area the addiction took away lives 31-wow the person.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area warns! From carelessness to the tragedy one step. To avoid trouble, never you go to bed with a cigarette. Ashtrays after smoking fill in with water. Protect the life and life of the relatives.


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