In Nikolaev competition - raid from GAI "Attention began today! Children on the road! "

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Annually from August 20 to September 20 the State traffic inspectorate holds All-Ukrainian competition - raid "Attention! Children on the road! ". The main objective of raid - carrying out additional scheduled maintenance about prevention of violations of the rules of traffic by its young participants, reports sectors on State traffic inspectorate public relations in the Nikolaev area.

Only since the beginning of year on the highways Nikolaeva occurred 55 dorozhno - transport incidents with the assistance of children in whom three children was lost, 58 were injured. Such condition of children's traumatism can't remain out of sight of the State traffic inspectorate.

The analysis dorozhno - transport incidents testifies that the main splash children's dorozhno - transport traumatism is observed in the first days of academic year. It is caused by that young participants of traffic during summer vacations weaned from intensive traffic, forgot rules of safe behavior on streets and roads.

Therefore in the first decade of September in all educational institutions of the Nikolaev area the staff of GAI will conduct Uniform lessons of traffic safety where once again will remind children as it is correct and it is safer to behave on the road, to avoid unexpected road situations.

The state traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area addresses to participants of traffic:

- being on travel part of the street or the road, adhere to rules of safe behavior;

- always you cross the street only on the crosswalk and on a "green" signal of the traffic light;

- you cross the street a measured step, never you cross the road obliquely;

- don't run out on the carriageway from - for standing transport and in close proximity to it.

Dear drivers! ! ! Be attentive and careful doubly if on the road there is a child, the young cyclist or the driver of a moped. Your care can save to the young participant of traffic life.

Dear parents! Don't forget to remind daily to children of the rule of safe behavior on the road. Your care and personal example will help the child to be guided safely in a difficult road situation.


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