In Nikolayevshchina 84 - the summer grandfather tried to put out independently a fire, but couldn't also itself was lost

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In 16:40 22-го August in the city of Snigiryovka of the Nikolaev area of Mchsniki rescued 60-ти the summer smoker. The pensioner under the influence of alcohol independently couldn't move, and very much there was a wish to light. Lying on the sofa, it and подкурил and so подкурил that to extinguish a cigarette there arrived fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Neighbors in the house opposite saw a dense black smoke which went from apartment windows, and called rescuers. At the time of arrival of division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the city of Snigiryovka the fire area made 5 m of quarter: the sofa, furniture, bed and household things of the owner burned. Efforts of rescuers, the pensioner rescued from a fiery and smoke trap, and it is transferred in "fast" which workers made the diagnosis - poisoning with products of burning of easy degree. About it reports the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection in the Nikolaev area.

Unfortunately, the following history ended not so optimistically. In 16:00 24-го August on Pochtovaya Street of the village of Ostapovk of the Arbuzinsky area the grass lit up. From - for droughty weather and a wind, the grass all inflamed more strongly and after a while passed on a sennik who was in the end of a kitchen garden 84 - the summer man. The grandfather, at the time of a fire, was at home one. Moving by means of a stick, the pensioner reached to a place of a fire and started extinguishing fire. But attempt to put out a fire turned back for the grandfather tragicly - it fell to the seat of fire and couldn't get out from there. Neighbors, after a while, heard a crash of slate and saw a smoke. Having approached closer, they heard groan and noticed the neighbor on fire. The efforts they got the grandfather from burning hay and called rescuers and "fast". 84- the summer man from numerous burns died on the spot.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs! For last days off arose 77 fires and fire the material damage from which made about 45 thousand hryvnias.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns! Dear citizens! Protect the life, you don't smoke in a bed. At emergence of emergency situations at once cause the help according to number "101"


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